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It's been awhile since I have blogged on this platform, but today I am excited to share with you the latest gem I found. 

For many months, I have been searching for a good hair styler as my babyliss big hair curler didn't seem to be working for me anymore. My curls could hardly stay and I needed to find another styler which could take a shorter time to curl my hair. 

After reading reviews and consulting google, I decided to try out Glampalm SG and emailed them to ask a few questions. 
Imagine my joy when the marketing manager of Glampalm SG offered to sponsor me in return for reviewing their product. 

Glampalm stylers come packaged in a lovely luxe leather case, along with Glampalm hair clips that you can use to section your hair. Upon receiving the straightener, I was already thoroughly impressed!

The styler is made up of 100% ceramic plates. Infused with Healing Stone Technology, you need not apply heat protectant and it works well on keratin treated hair. 

Another plus point I love about this styler is that it takes about 10 seconds to heat up.
For other stylers, you might find that it takes a much longer time to do so.

As someone who rushes to work, it would greatly help to lessen my preparation time by shortening the time I take to curl my hair. 

These ceramic plates are coated in a lovely light orange color - don't be fooled by the seemingly lightweight looking plates, they are actually pretty hot when heated up! 

I used the GP201 styler on my hair and it was really fuss-free and easy to use. 
For my medium length hair, I could curl my hair in a matter of minutes if I sectioned my hair properly. 

However, if you have longer hair or you prefer to reduce the sectioning of your hair, I would recommend you to get GP313 which has a bigger ceramic plate. 

The styler has heat degrees ranging from 100 to 200. 
I use a lower heat degree of 130 to prevent my hair from being too dry. 

Absolute styling tool - GP201. 
Do you tend to forget about switching off your electrical appliances?
This styler comes with an auto shut-off function so fret not about it being overheated if you forget to turn it off!

For my hair length, I take about 5 - 7 minutes to style this simple hairdo.
Your hairstyle is essential in your everyday outfits because it makes you look a whole load better as opposed to having frizzy, unkempt hair. 

Investing in a good styler is the first step you need to take to achieve that! 

For first timers looking to style your hair, don't worry about the steps!
I have done a quick video, which you can find at the end of the post, to show you very basic steps on how to curl your hair using the styler. 

Apart from styling your hair into a straight, curled-in ends look, you can also use it to create softer curls. Unfortunately, I am learning how to do that too so I'll blog about it or video it another day! 

For all my outfits styled from this outfit onwards, my hair was curled with the styler. 
Even Bree was impressed with the styler when she used it for the first time!
She commented that she only takes less than 5 minutes to curl her hair. ;) 

5 minutes might be a little too much to achieve if you are curling your hair for the first time, but with practice I believe you can curl it in 10 minutes!

Please pardon me if this video bores you as it is my first time editing and shooting a video.
I had plenty of fun shooting it!

Quote "TCL" to enjoy $15 off your purchase on Glampalm SG. 
I promise you won't regret it, just take a look at all the positive reviews on the website! 

Shop it here

Thank you Glampalm SG for the kind sponsorship!
Styling my hair has never been easier. 

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