6:40 AM

Mini post!! :) Hehe. 
Wore my first skirt romper out!
Was deciding between peach and mint and decided to keep the one in peach cos I am tanned and peach looks nicer on my skin! 

Matched it with my new ASOS loafers!! Heheee. 
But the loafers cut me realllly badly :o :o 
I think I have to break my ASOS shoes at least once before wearing it again!
Thank god I managed to buy some plasters at 7-11 before heading out for dinner!

Romper: Floral Printed Skirt Romper in Peach (upcoming)
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: CD
New hair color by Salon Vim! (Will blog about it soon:))

 Close-up of the pretty prints! :)

I think it's best that I take headless OTDs HAHA.
Sometimes that's what Bree will tell me.
"You look the best taking headless OTDs!" :'(

Wooh!! I like how my hair is blowing in the wind ~~ Hehehe. 

The pretty loafers! Might consider sending it for manufacturing! ;) 

I realize I like to act cute nowadays but please bear with me I'll grow out of it HAHA. (I hope!)

 Be sure to catch this in tomorrow's launch!
Comes in three colors! :)

And then Bree and I decided to head up to our office carpark to take some photos together!
Here's us preparing to take a photo of our bags. :D 
One day we'll do a video of how we take OTDs and you can actually see how unglam we are HAHAHA.

Here's Bree's Celine and my CD! My CD is actually my mum's! :) 

Bree and I! 
Bree's the only one who calls me by my FULL NAME (Bertilla Wong) or my chinese name loll.
She has never called me mei mei / honey etc so affectionate right. ;) 
But I still love you la beautiful bree hahaha.

And because we were bored we decided to do "San Lian Pai" !!! 
Was supposed to be wu lian pai but I think bree won't be able to do it so let's make do with three first. :p 


Headed to Jcube with Bree on Friday! :) 

Dressed up in TCL Sugar Pure Dress in Cream!
This is a topshop inspired design!
My original piece was in cobalt blue, and I had to wear strapless bra for it!
For our piece, you won't need to wear strapless bra! :D 

Dress: TCL Sugar Pure Dress in Cream (upcoming)
Shoes: Zara
Bag: TCL Quilted Bag in Black

Close-up of the pretty textured details. :) 

Okay that's the end of my mini post!
Sneaks are up on facebook already!
And I think Constance looks damn chioooo there so do check it out! :)

Off to supper!! (Y)(Y)

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  1. may i know whats your height? would like to gauge the length of the topshop inspired dress! is the material very thick btw? thanks


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