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Before I left for Oz, I had my face pampered with a facial treatment at Caring Skin! 
My face was desperately in a need of facial because I had a couple of breakouts on my forehead. :'(

I had the Nano-Perfector treatment done, which is actually one of the most perfected treatments I have tried. This is the second time I am doing this treatment, and this time I made sure to ask Regina to help me with the photos!

Here are some of the benefits of this treatment:
1. Strengthen skin at cellular level
2. Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
3. Lighten pigmentations, brown spots and acne scars
4. Brighten skin tone
5. Enhance skin's texture and clarity
6. Intense moisturizing

Bear with me on the long post / excessive photos, because I really do want to show you the whole process! :) Just a side note, please ignore my unkempt eyelash extensions, I had them redone after the facial! :\

1. They started by cleansing my skin to remove makeup, dirt etc.

Kiki, my beautician who is really gentle on my face, and used facial wipes to wipe off the cleanser.

2. Peeling was done by leaving the product on my face for 5-10 mins, unplugging my blackheads remove dead skin cells and enhancing skin tone. This part can have a little bit of stinging feeling because of the active ingredients in the product, but it doesn't hurt very much at all!

The peeling product used is clear, as seen on my face.

3. Here comes the cooling part! I call it cooling, because it really cools down your face haha. 
Thermal spring water with medicinal properties were flushed against my skin to prevent irritation and because it was really quite icy cold, my skin felt super refreshed and all the stinging feeling from the previous step was gone. 

The facial sponges are there to prevent water from dripping down your face. 

Kiki is patting my face dry here, so 细心 right! :)

I am smiling because I have super soft, baby skin now! :D

Steps 1 - 3 above were then repeated. For customers with sensitive skin, you'll only do the above steps once as your skin is sensitive. 
4. Vitamin ACE (vit a, c and e) and white essence was applied to my face to improve moisture, elasticity and achieve a radiant glow. A facial massage was also done to allow the essence to penetrate my skin.

Their facial massage is super relaxing! They also have shoulder massage later on. ;) 

Kiki is pressing my pressure points on my face.

Happy me feeling extremely pleased with the facial massage. :D

5. Extraction is done with clean, sterilized tools. I think some facial companies do not have this extraction step. In my honest opinion, based on my experience of having facials done since I was 16, I think that this step is necessary to purge all the toxins from your pimples. If you are someone who is afraid of pain, you can be rest assured that Kiki is extremely gentle! Not much pain felt at all. ;)

 6. Double facial mask time! I think the first layer was a whitening mask, followed by a moisturizing mask for my super dry skin.

Do I look scary here? :p

All their products used are from Dr Renaud, which is a trusted and well-known brand. 

Now I look mummified! Hahaha.

 7. Shoulder massage. I really like how Caring Skin gives not one, but two massages! All their beauticians are well-trained and you can opt for the shoulder massage without oil if you are more comfortable with that.

8. Final touches to my face after the facial mask is removed! Oh, they also help you to trim your eyebrows. :)

Whew that seems like a really long process! It takes about 1.5 hours for your facial to be done. 
Here's my look after facial, with no make-up! 
I think I still look quite tired, but my face is clear of zits and it certainly looks more refreshed and radiant right? ;)

I am also here to share about Caring Skin's E-light hair removal system. In the midst of facial, I had E-light treatment done for my upper lip and underarms. I won't be showing the underarms process, so here is a quick run through for the upper lip procedure. 

You know how sometimes you have unsightly facial hair on the upper lip? If you shave it often, your hair will only grow back thicker. I used to go for threading sessions, but nowadays I hardly have the time to do so. 

I was really happy to know that Caring Skin has brought in this system so now I can have my hair removal done, almost painlessly and have my facial done at the same time. 

The beautician first helped me to shave off the facial hair on my upper lip.

Cooling gel was applied to my upper lip so that it would lessen the pain of the E-light procedure.
Actually, it wasn't that painful, only felt like an ant bite!

The strength of the machine is adjusted to fit your needs and tolerance level. :)
If you are afraid of pain, they'll use the lower settings so don't worry about it! 

The whole procedure took about 10 minutes. It was really a fuss-free and simple procedure!
I have only had e-light done once on my upper lip and I can already tell that the facial hair is taking longer to grow out. :) Can't wait for my next treatment so that my facial hair can stop growing fully!

I am really happy to share with you the special promotions which Caring Skin has for my readers.
Quote "bertilla" to enjoy the perks below:

1. 1st trial Nano Perfector at only $88 (Usual Price $280)
2. 2 years E-light Underarms Hair Removal at only $88 
3. 49% off on all E-light packages

Purchase both 1. and 2. to get a complimentary Dr Renaud gift set. Appointments made between 1130am - 430pm on weekdays will be entitled to a complimentary free eye treatment! :) 

Call them and place an appointment with them today! The 2 years hair removal package is really worth it, all for only $88!! 

>> Website:
>> Facebook:
>> Twitter: @
Caringskin | Instagram: @Caringskin
>> Tel: +(65) 6737 7797 | Fax: +(65) 6733 3501
>> Address: 360 Orchard Road, #07-07A International Building, Singapore 238869

Thank you Caring Skin for giving me clear and healthy skin!
You should also work towards achieving that, so start by trying out a facial today. :)

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