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So we had our shoot super early even before Xmas!! Haha talk about being efficient!
Every year, we are always rushing for CNY launches / shoot so this year we really planned our CNY apparels early! :)

We woke up bright and early for our photoshoot as always!
Our morning photoshoots often start around 8 / 9am and all of us are up by say 630am?
The models have to wake up even earlier because they need to have their makeup done!
So an outdoor photoshoot is not as easy as it seems but it's always worth it when we see our pretty photos! :)

First set in our highly raved Embossed Cheongsam last year! :)
We remade it in a new emboss fabric and a better cut as last year some of you mentioned that it was too figure hugging so we made it less figure hugging!
You can still go ahead and enjoy all your CNY delicacies hehe.

Strappy heels as seen on Franc and Cons are Zara inspired (they finally arrived wooh!!) and it comes in white, black and houndstooth. :) 

 Haha Cons always likes to pose funny poses! So cutee.

Second set! We attempted to take a photo near the flowers, but it didn't really work out hahaa.
Anyway, when I first saw the sample piece for this dress, I knew I had to wear it for CNY!!! Teehee.
It's soo much prettier in real life, and it is also modified after my personal piece from ASOS! 
Made the fit better! 

We ended up shooting near a fountain instead! :)

This is one of my favorite set of photos and dresses!
A really pretty lace crochet dress with a keyhole at the back! :)

 With pretty Franc! :)

Third set featuring a warehouse inspired embroidery top and TCL Lunar Skorts!! Teeheee. 
The embroidery top comes in really sweet colors of light pink, pastel yellow and off-white!

Our gorgeous lace crochet dress in cobalt and daffodil!! :)

Cons working it in the lunar skorts in red with the embroidery top in off-white! :) 
This is the last set of BTS photos we took before we adjourned to a pavilion and BTS photo-taking stopped from there onwards hahahaaa.

Posting some sneaks of the lookbook here!
Full set will be up tomorrow on Facebook and our launch will be on Monday at 830PM! :)


Our AA inspired denim circle skirt finally arrived so we'll be launching it too! :)
Paired it with a cropped printed top and a leather biker jacket. 

Top: Supre
Bottom: TCL Denim Circle Skirt in Light Wash Indigo
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell

I have a thing for cropped printed tops..but sadly I can't really bring it in for TCL because not many of our customers like cropped tops! :'(

Love my new kissable pumps from JC!!
A pity they gave me blisters at the end of the day tho. :(

Close-up of the transparent sides! :)


I took an OTD the other day for my fave CNY dress but sadly the photos didn't turn out very well (probably due to the lighting) so I'll be taking another OTD again!
The dress is much more vibrant in real life!
Cons really like the prints too hehe.

I'll just post a few here tho heh.

Dress: TCL Floral Angel Tulip Dress
Heels: TCL Minimalist Strappy Heels in White

Will take another OTD and try to post before our launch!! :) 


Heels: TCL Minimalist Strappy Heels in Houndstooth

I have been trying out my new Babyliss hair curler which I shipped from the UK, but somehow my hair just doesn't really stay. :( Will probably need to buy a hair spray or something!

Anyway, I also bought the Babyliss boutique soft curl to try to see if I can curl my hair easily, will try it out and let you girls know if it's good!!

You need to size down for the heels okay!
I am a usual S38 and I wear S37 for this! :)

Bree and I had this idea of houndstooth strappy heels when we were in the houndstooth craze hahaha.
We hope you'll like the heels as much as we do! :) 

I am still trying to take photos for my giveaway on my blog!
Will post it up soon in the next post! :)

And oh, if you haven't heard about our collaboration with Ettusais, do take a look here!
Join us at our office for a photoshoot, with make-up done by Ettusais! :) 

Off to watch my newest Kdrama called "You from the other star" or something like that hahaaha.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

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  1. Hi Bert!
    Two questions: may I ask where the orange heels on Cons in the second set of BTS photos are from, and may I ask where you bought your gold circle earrings (paired with the ASOS-inspired dress)? Thanks! :))

  2. Hello! The heels are from ASOS and the earrings are from DIVA! :)


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