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And so just last week I met up with my bestest buddy Mik!!! 
Have known him since 2004 (omg that's like eons ago) when I was in secondary two and went for some SLC event haha.
Still one of the best memories I have had for my Nanyang days hahaha. 

We headed to Itacho for dinner!
It's not the first time I have been to Itacho, but I think that their sushi is fresh and good! :) 

Scallop sushi! :)
You can order just one piece because their pricing for some sushi-s comes individually!

YUMMMYYY lobster salad salmon roll and....Sorry I don't know what item it is on the left.

Mik and I doing funny faces to send to his gf who was currently overseas! ;) 

 Me: Eh only I do funny shot let's try again.

Mik: EH only I do funny shot!?!

And on the third try, both of us in funny faces hahaha! (Y)

Okay finally a normal looking shot hahaa. 

 And their miso soup is the bomb!! It comes with salmon bits and in a huge bowl as well!
Costs about $2.90!

Tuna sushi! Their tuna sushi is much pricier than some of the other Japanese restaurants, but maybe the grade of tuna used it better! :) 

SALMON SASHIMIII. My favorite hahaha. 

And because we loved the lobster salad salmon sushi so much, we ordered a second round!
Along with this cheezy fried soft shell crab sushi which once again, sorry I don't know the name. ): 

Ikura sushi!! :) 

Itacho Sushi can be found at Ion! :)
I would say it's one of the better Japanese restaurants I have been to!
The queue can be quite long during peak hours, so queue early to avoid the long queues! :) 

Here's my OOTD for that day!
Wore my new ASOS heels (which kinda cut my feet at the end of the day :( ) 
 The price you pay for fashion zzzz hahaha.

Top: TCL Metal Tip Scallop Top in Black
Skirt: Zara 
Heels: ASOS

 Close-up! :)


Headed to Haji Lane with Bree the other day, which calls for a good day for OOTDs! Hehehe.
 Romper: TCL Bayside Avenue Romper in Cobalt (Launching today!!!!)
Heels: Bershka 
The heels were killing me at the end of the day too. :((
But it's my first pair of white heels! Hehe. 
Close-up of the super pretty lace details hehee. 

This romper comes in white, sunshine yellow and cobalt! :) 

Brought Bree to have Itacho at Bugis! Which she didn't quite like. :'(
I actually wore specs that day but took it out when I took the OTDs hehehe. :p

Feeling punk in TCL Snapback Cap in Black hehee.

Top: Primark 
Bottom: (from tcl) Floral Picking Shorts in Blue 
Cap: (from tcl) Snapback cap in Black


And YAYYY finally launching this awesome two piece suit!
It'll be sold separately but if you like matching pants and blazers then get both!
I wear size XS for both. :) 

Blazer: TCL Tropical Avenue Blazer in Yellow Florals
Pants: TCL Tropical Avenue Pants in Yellow Florals 
Heels: Zara
Accessory: Basic weaved clutch in Navy

It was raining so had to change location for the shots hehe.  

I really love this outfit! I hope you do too. :)

Close-up of the lovely prints. <3 

This clutch below will also be launched tonight! Comes in red, red stripes and navy. :) 


Selca! I headed to Salon Vim and dyed a darker shade for my hair today!
Gonna miss this color. :'(

 And I tried to attempt a songofstyle-alike ootd shot which..I OBVIOUSLY FAILED hahaha. :(
Shall try again next time!!


Met the gorgeous and lovely Sipei for brunch at Wild Honey! :)
There are two outlets in town, one at Mandarin Gallery and one at Scotts Square!
The outlet at Scotts Square is much much bigger and the decor is nicer too! :) 

Taking selca shots while waiting for our turn hehe. 

This girl ah she's very cute, every time after we take a picture she'll be like "Ee I look horrible take again!!" But look at the pics she looks pretty right?!! Always have to tell her YOU LOOK GOOD WHATTT hahaha. 

Anyway, apparently you are not allowed to take a photo of the menu and I was stopped immediately once I whipped out the camera to take this. Hahaha. 

There were pretty picture frames up on the wall! :) 

 Sipei said my background was very nice to take a photo with! :) 
There's actually this huge pillar with jars and jars of...sorry I don't know what's inside them but they look like preserved fruits!

 Both Sipei and I ordered the English Breakfast!
It's definitely a huge enough portion for a girl!!
Both of us didn't finish it HAHA.

I thought that it was not bad!
I don't remember it being this nice when I first tried it at Mandarin Gallery.
Recommend this dish if you are heading there! :) 
I had Melon sth sth for drinks!
It's fruit juice mixed with Melon, orange etc etc.
Pretty refreshing!

Happy us with our brunchhhh. :)
You haven't been seeing Sipei on our lookbooks cos she's currently on an internship and she'll be leaving for exchange!! So we won't be seeing her until like 6 months later. :((
But I am really happy and grateful to have met her first as a model and now as a friend. :)
Thanks for being there whenever Pei Pei!! Hehehe. <3

More selcas and funny shots hehe. :p
Please pardon us for being retarded HAHA. 

OOTD! Decked out in TCL Nautical Knotted Dress in Navy!
This design was seen on Bree's instagram before when the sample piece arrived!
We changed to a thicker and better quality fabric! :) 
Perfect for summerrrr heheehe.

Dress: TCL Nautical Knotted Dress in Navy 
Shoes: Topshop


And finally, yesterday's OTD in TCL Tropical Avenue Blazer in Yellow Florals! :)
The blazer really adds colors to an outfit instantly with the awesome prints hehe. 

My hair color is different here because I just dyed a darker shade!
Still loving it thanks to Salon Vim! :) Hehe.

Blazer: TCL Tropical Avenue Blazer in Yellow Florals
Top: TCL Basic Cut-in Top in Off-white
Jeans: Bershka
Heels: New Look

I am really happy that we manufactured this basic top! 
Because it's so easy to match with jeans hehe. 

 Took the rest of the OTD shots outside! :)

Be sure to catch this tonight okay!!! 830PM!! :D 

Okay! Off to continue working on the launch! :) 

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