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And so, we embarked on our second yacht shoot for TCL!! 
If you recall, our first yacht shoot was with Rebs and Tisha on Rebs's dad's yacht! Whereby I puked like crap hahaha.
This time, we came prepared with seasick pills and sunblock!!

We are extremely grateful to Neo Yacht (, for sponsoring us the yacht for this shoot!
The yacht used is a new yacht, just arrived about 2 months ago!
It's called Passion One. :)

It's really huge btw! It can house around 16 people at one go on the yacht as there's a upper deck as well! 

Anyw, onto BTS for shoot that day! :)  
ALL apparels featured and launched in the lookbook are manufactured by TCL!
Lovingly made and selected by us, we really hope you like it! :D 

Here's Cons in our pretty TCL Bayside Avenue Romper in White!

Franc in our bayside romper in yellow!! :) Along with basic weaved clutch in navy! 
Love this romper to bits hehe.

Franc and our lovely MUA, Jo! :)

Super thankful to both Cons and Franc for braving the intense heat and sea hahaha.
When we first entered the yacht, there was a problem with the air-con and oh boy we were literally heating up inside!! :O
Thankfully, the air-con was fixed later on when we traveled out to sea, if not we would been sweating it out inside the yacht hahaha.

And out to sea we go!! I don't think I will ever enjoy travelling out to sea because it's just way toooo bumpy for my liking! And I will definitely DEFINITELY get sea sick even though I took the seasick pills before that. ):

Anyw, please welcome our first TWO PIECE SUIT! In super pretty floral prints! :) 
I love love this look X 100000 hahaha. Always wanted Bree to manufacture this and we finally got down to it!

I think yellow is a better color for tanned people like me, because it stands out nicer as compared to the navy one! But if you are shy about wearing brighter colors, opt for navy!

MUST GET OKAY (cos too pretty already Cons kept the suit hahaha!)

This set was taken outside the main room in the yacht! Near the stairs leading to the upper deck. :)
You can tell that there's plenty of space and seats in the yacht, perfect for a yacht partyyyy or wedding lunch hehehe.

And we sailed away to one of the islands and docked there! :)
Pretty island with lovely palm trees and this wooden bridge hehe.
Even though it was really sunny and bumpy, the weather was sooo good!
Lighting was great, there was wind (lots of it), so no complains for the good weather! :) 

Franc is seen in our TCL Aztec Embroidery Bustier in white, matched with TCL Asymmetrical Fishtail Skirt in Mint! :) 

I had bought a similar piece for the skirt from supre and finally sent it in for manufacturing after eonsssss.

Franc is also carrying a mini bag in camel! :)

Up next, Cons in TCL Resort Embroidery Top in Coral Pink and TCL Asymmetrical Fishtail Skirt in White! :) Paired with zigzag clutch in Nature! :) 

I really liked the shots in the lookbook for this, because the skirt was flowing in the wind and everything was serene and peaceful and pretty. :))

And the highly raved TCL Sweetheart Maxi is finally launched!! :D Comes in white, cobalt, sunshine yellow and magentaaaa!

Haha yours truly carrying the bags for shoot later and making my funny faces again HAHA.
Bree told me to wear long sleeve top and jeans to prevent ourselves from getting tanner, and guess what? She said it was too hot that day so she turned up in shorts. -.-

HAHAHA this is what we do behind the scenes. Whip out the iphone to take a BTS shot to post on instagram. :p

I love this combination of colors! Bright and colorfulllll. :D

Pretty models! :) 
They really look so good even under the hot sun and even when they are sweating and all.
Sigh this is why they are models and we are just..normal people hahaha. ;)

Next up, shooting the fishtail skirt in coral and cobalt! :)
This is taken at the front of the yacht!
It'll be a really lovely place to just chill with the wind in your hair and having maybe a glass of wine/beer? Hehehe. (As long as the boat is not swaying too much hahaha.)

And remember a post by Bree on instagram showing the sample piece of this dress? ;)
It's here!!! Hehe.
Comes in pink and navyyyy!

Okay here comes the tired-looking-unglam shots of me who was dying under the heat HAHA. 
Bree still looks so flawless and prim cos she stayed in the yacht the whole time for styling and ended up having a little bit of seasickness hahaha. 

And yes, I am ku-ku like that sometimes, very retarded I know!! Hahaha. 

Bree and I!

Bree and Franc!
Both looking pretty hereee. ;)

And we took a crazy shot! Heh. Missing Cons cos she was busy modelling away! ):

Our second last set, featuring TCL Aztec Embroidery Top in Light and Dark Denim! :D
We were all like YAY ALMOST DONEEE. Hahahaha.

Managed to squeeze a shoot with both Cons and Franc! :) Hehe. <3

Group shot! :)
Super thankful to everyone for making it through this massive 4 hour shoot out on the sea, braving the heat and the sea!!!

Thank you PassionOne and Neo Yacht for being so amazing!! :)

And here's another round of thanks to Glarie from Neo Yacht too! :)

Here's PassionOne! :)
You may email Neo Yacht at or call them at 65939926 for bookings/ enquiries! :)

And because the lookbook is too pretty, I'll post more of it here on the blog!
Check our giveaway and promotion up on facebook here! :)



And because I don't have time to post up the OTDs which I took for the last week, I'll just post the instagram ones first!

Will have the post up tomorrow!! Do check back if you want to see the full OTDs! Heh. 

You can find me on instagram @bertillawong and formspring @ ! :) 


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