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This will be an extensive image-filled post!! Haha you have been warned. ;) 
And so for our last outdoor shoot, we were extremely honored to be shooting at MONOYONO!!! 
I walked past Monoyono on the day that I had Tim Ho Wan with the girls (if you recall I took a photo with the bunny outside hehe) and in my mind I was thinking "We have to do a photoshoot here at this pretty place!!!"

And so I was sooo happy when they very kindly agreed to allow us to have our photoshoot there! 
The place is really pretty with MANY MANY MANYYYYY pretty, cute, quirky and vintage stuff! 
I'll show you the pretty items later on in the post! :) 

We had tons of fun in this shoot! The items were too cute already and we had fun posing with them hehe. 

This is our second set! Featuring monochrome floral romper! <3
Franc and Cons looking pretty here. ;)  

 We are on a floral roll with this vintage printed floral dress that is simply so sweet! Hehe.

And ooh spot the adorable teddy bear! :p Cons is wearing scallop tip LS top and buttoned down high-waist skirt! We just love denims recently haha we are on a florals x denims rolllll. 

 Haha Cons thought that the duckling shower cap was so cute we had to pose with it!! If you realized, Bree and I don't really pose with the models during outdoor shoots because we look super cui BUT since this was an air-conditioned place and we were all dressed up (HAHA), of course must take photos lahhh. :p

Cutie Pie! <3 
Yellow ON Yellow okayy how matchy is that hahaha. 

Here's Bree's version with the shower cap. :p 

Franc is in our basic tee in polka dots and buttoned down high waist skirt in dark denim! :) 

Here's some BTS of Bree styling the models hahaha. 

 Bree with Franc! Bree's wearing our Premium label, denim long dungaree jumpsuit!!
I love jumpsuits for lazy days haha just throw it over a slouchy top will do!
You can dress it up with heels! :) 
More photos of Bree and Franccc! :)

The cutie pies posing with the shower caps! 
The shower caps you see (actually all the props and items that you see, except for accessories are all sold at Monoyono! :) )
 Bree and Cons, since both of them were wearing the dungareeeee!! Hehehe.

 And Bree and I starting taking OTD shots while the models were taking their shots heh. 
I wore this outfit to take part in topshop's ig contest!!
Was dressed to the theme of festive haha FESTIVE enough? :p  

Top: Topshop
Skirt: American Apparel 
Vest: Primark 
Cap: Bree's
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell

And this teddy bear is tooo cute!!! <3 
 Still loving my purple pinkish ombre tones on my hair! :)

Hi Sistaaaa.  Sometimes I feel like I look older than Bree omggg. :'(

Acting punk here HAHA. 

 JUST FOR LAUGHS, I created this gif muahahahaha. 
It's in the sequence of "HEY, YOU!" ;) 

Last two sets of the shoot! :) Basic denim jeans seen on Cons will also be launched under TCL label! :) 

And here's a rundown of the items found in Monoyono! :)

A pretty cool chalkboard wall where they'll update the quotes regularly!

They have plenty of interesting and quirky photo frames/ quotes which will perk up your office / home / room! :)
Spot supermannnn. :p 

They have interesting notebooks as well! :)
I love typography, it really perks up the whole look of the notebook right?
A good notebook will be a handy addition for school! :) 

Apart from typography notebooks, they have really cute ones themed to vintage books! :) 

Cath Kidston notebooks are on sale too!

Quotable signages! The other day I was still telling my friend about the first quote on the left!
Today is indeed a gift. :')

Quotable magnetssss. 

They also have a whole section of trendy recyclable bags and wallets! :)
And there's this corner with typography signs. DAMN AWESOMEEE. 

And this quote completely resounded with me. :')

And here on forth are some of the small items which they stock in as well!!
Really cute!! :)  

Cupcakes shower heads, anyone? :p 


Bunny from Alice in Wonderland!!! Heh.

 The lonesome teddy bear. <3

 They sell sweets, iphone plug caps as well! :)

The coolest thing about Monoyono is that they even sell vintage furniture!!!
The sofas you see used in our shoot are all for sale!! :) 
For example, the one in pink shown below!
You can check out their catalogue on their website. :)

AND...if you are wedding planner for a friend's wedding, you should really head down to Monoyono because they have a whole section just for weddings!! <3 

 They have also launched their newest range of perfumes! :)

You can really find almost anything and everything cute and interesting at Monoyono! :) 

Monoyono can be found at: 

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road, #B1-06
Tel: +65 6884 3551

1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-92
Tel: +65 6534 8982

Website: (You can shop their items online too!)
Instagram: @monoyono

Be sure to check out their stores today!! We'll be having a giveaway for our upcoming collection, so do be on a lookout for it! :) 


Okay shall post some sneaks for the upcoming launch and lookbook!
All items featured below are TCL manufactured apparels! :) Hehe.

Looking forward to another fun-filled weekend!! :) 
Oh just a side tidbit that we were at Sentosa Cove for a shoot yesterday on a yacht and oh boy even though I still felt like I was bobbing up and down when I was home, the photos are AWESOMEEE.

Be sure to look out for it! :D


Here's a special shout out for Clarabelle, contestant number 1, who's taking part in Miss Singapore Universe!
Vote for her at the links below! :)

All the best Clarabelle!! :)

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