Hundred and Three.

7:18 AM

Helloooo!! I actually have a post drafted but haven't had time to finish the post. :(
If you haven't realized, we have been launching twice a week!
So I don't really have much time to blog these few weeks. :( 
Really can't wait for Feb to comeeee!! 

Anyway, so Bree has been wearing this pleated top in almost all colors and she kept all colors. -.-
I decided to control myself and kept black! Haha but looking at my photos now, I think I'll end up keeping another color!!

Top: TCL Weaved Pleated Top in Black
Bottom: ASOS
Heels: ASOS
Clutch: Quilted Box Clutch in Black 

It looks simple but there's quite a bit of workmanship needed for this top!! 
You can match it with denim shorts, jeans etc! :)
Lots of customers who came for our Ettusais event bought this top too! Teehee.

Close-up!! Don't miss this tomorrow okayyy. <3 

And just for laughs...if you have seen this on my IG hahaha.
#iamwackylikethistralalaaa ~~


Sandals: TCL Morgan Weaved Sandals in Camel

 This pretty romper is now on backorders! :) 
We didn't expect it to be another hot favorite hehhh.

took eons to perfect!

It's Zara inspired and we sent in this design quite a while back but the factory took a long time to perfect the sample due to the intricate weaved details!

So glad with how it turned out! :) 
It comes in nude pink and navy too!

Another hot favorite tomorrow! Heh.


Shoes: New Look 
Bag: Balenciaga

When I saw this fabric chart I knew that we had to do the skirt in lime!!!
It's actually much much prettier in real life!
You can check it out on our racks at KJ Bugis and MIYOC! :)

Pretty embossed details. <3


Shoes: New Look
Bag: Balenciaga

Another basic top with a unique twist! :)
I kept this top in cobalt and black!
Matched it with our lunar skorts for a lego color effect muahahaa. 

I also matched the top with our embossed tulip skirt the other time!
A pity the photos were over exposed so they aren't nice enough to post! ):

I managed to sieve through and select two photos tho! :)

Dress: TCL Melanie Embossed Scallop Hem Dress 
Shoes: New Look

I love how this dress turned out! :)
It's a great shift dress because the scallop hems are so cute hehehee. 
Have already posted the closeup on my dayre!


It's 1120am and it's time to turn in earlier for another long day tomorrow!
I hope you girls have been loving our CNY collections as much as we do! :)

I update on dayre sometimes too!

Ask me on ASKFM! 

Have a good night! :) 

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