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Have some backlog of cafe hopping reviews to be done so here I am trying to post as much as I can! :)


&Made Burgers
9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza

It was Sandy's birthday last week and we headed to &made at pacific plaza to try their burgers!
It wasn't my first time there but this time I tried a different burger and didn't quite like it though!

&made is actually helmed by 3 star Michelin Chef Bruno Menard
and so their food is supposed to be pretty good! I think they are quite known for their foie gras burger!

I tried their chicken burger for the first time and I conclude that I should just stick to their beef burgers next time haha.  It comes with pickled pineapples, onions, cucumbers and satay sauce!
I can only say that I am not very fond of this burger, maybe I am not used to the taste. :\

You can choose from three different flavors for their fries!
There are three flavors: Original, smoked and garlic and vinegar!
I tried their smoked fries this time!

It was Sand's birthday so we had a surprise birthday cake too!

Happy birthday Sand!! We hope you liked our little surprise! :D

With the girls whom I have known since Sec 2 <3 <3

Sand and her boyfie! Teehee.

Glen and I! We are becoming fat chipmunks omggg.

Not forgetting Carin too! :)


This is wayyy overdue but Glen and I headed to one of our favorite restaurants, CMBP for dinner on Xmas eve!

Contemporary Melting-Pot & Bar
Blk 7, #01-05, Dempsey6ixand7even, Dempsey Road

Taking a selfie while my lashes still looked good then! Haha it looks so messy now tho! :(

Dressed in a super old TCL maxi and TCL sandals!! :)
I can't remember the name so I shall not list my items here! ):

Hiiiiiiiiiiii. :)

It's our second time at CMPB and we ordered our usual food!
Glen had foie gras burger (he lovesss foie gras) and I had creamy mushroom pasta!
They didn't serve vongole during Xmas eve. :(

Glen's yummy foie gras burger!

Truffle friessss.

My pasta which was pretty awesome too!
Their vongole is really good, so if you are looking for a good vongole you can try theirs! :)

Wagyu beef cubes salad!
The beef cubes were really juicy, thumbs up for this dish!

HAHA I don't know why Glen had to pose like this hmpffff. :(


I have been having cravings for waffles since forever!!!
Decided to try out Wimbly Lu one afternoon! :) 

Wimbly Lu Chocolates
15 Jalan Riang, S358987

Decked out in a gold crochet dress for the day! (:

Bag: Balenciaga
Selfie timeee!

Stop taking photos of me!!!

STOPPPP!!! (hahahaha)

<3 <3

Their waffles is gooood!! :)
I tried the waffles at stranger's reunion too but I think that wimbly's one is better! 


Marutama Ramen
The Central
8 Eu Tong Sen Street

So this is Glen's favorite ramen place! 
It was my first time there and it certainly didn't disappoint! :)

Before I show you pictures of the yummy ramen, take a look at..

So cute right?!! Thanks laine for super cute stuff toys!! 

The logo of the restaurant kinda reminds me of a basketball hahaha.

Their affordable menu! For the food you get, I think the price is a lot more reasonable than other ramen restaurants like ajisen ramen etc.

Super good char siew!! 
It's really soft and tasty. Not too salty or fatty! (Y)

I ordered their usual Marutama Ramen and got a huge helping of char siewwww hehe. 
The soup is thick and super good! I wonder how long they take to cook the broth haha.

Ootd in a comfy attire! :) 

Bottom: Bershka
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Balenciaga


Stranger's Reunion
37 Kampong Bahru Road, S169356

There's just so much hype going on about Stranger's Reunion so I had to go check it out!
It was really packed on the afternoon that we went, so do be prepared to wait for a table!

We waited for around 20 minutes or so! :)

Taking selfies as we wait hahaha.

Glen's eyes are sensitive to sunlight so he couldn't stare into the sun when we took these photos haha. 
The cozy interior of the restaurant!

Just look at the amount of peopleeee.

I ordered their waffles with ice cream, bananas, strawberries and blackberries! :)

Truffle fries!! 
It was not too bad, but not the best which I have tried so far!

Glen's omelette!
Which he didn't quite like haha.

It's 3 days to CNY!
Can't wait for our CNY break to come yipeeee. 

Have a lovely CNY yall! :)

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