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I was asked by Love Out Loud Asia (LOLA) to guest blog! LOLA is a private dating app for singles targeting the SEA region. After seeing the topics, I was spoilt for choice because all the topics were really relatable! I chose my favorite topic: Reasons to date a Sagittarius. ;) Yes Glen is a Sagittarius and so of course I'll write about Sagittarius based on my dating experience with Glen haha. For this post, I'll write about 5 reasons why you should date a Sagittarius! 

5 Reasons to date a Sagittarius 

1. Sagittarius like to feel free.

I don't know about you, but for sure I am someone who'll like to have my own personal space and time to do my own things. For Sagittarius, they need to feel free! This means that they too need their own time and space. If you are someone who needs to be constantly around your partner, then you are perhaps better dating someone else. But having a Sagittarius as your partner means that he too will also understand that you need to have your own space. :) 

2. Sagittarius love wanderlust. 

Yes Sagittarius love adventures! They like to travel and explore. Basically, they don't like to be bored so if you are one who is up for adventure, a Sagittarius will be a good match for you. Glen keeps asking me to climb the mountains at New Zealand...and I am like oh my I think I'll need to train for a few months before being able to climb the mountain haha. 

Having a partner who likes to travel will not only create fond memories for the both of you, but is is also a big step to take in your relationship! Traveling together means that you'll know all the quirks and habits of your partner, which could be a good / bad thing. If it all works out, it means that you will be able to live with your partner for life. If it doesn't, it means that the both of you will need to work on it, or reconsider your relationship. 

3. Sagittarius are sweet and caring.

One thing for sure, Sagittarius are known to be caring and sweet. First impression wise, you might think that they are cold and aloof. However, once you draw them into your relationship, you'll find that deep down they are totally different!

When I was down with food poisoning on my BKK trip, Glen stayed up all night and waited for me to text him in the morning to confirm that I was feeling better before heading to bed. That shows enough how caring and sweet a Sagittarius can be right? ;) 

4. Sagittarius are competitive. 

Sagittarius can be quite competitive, which means that they want to be the best in everything that they are interested in! This is a good sign because it means that your partner will ensure that you receive the best. Be it at work or play, your partner will strive for the best! (Y) 

5. Sagittarius are well-dressed. 

For me, it is a big plus for my partner to know how to dress well. Sagittarius man are known to have a liking for those who have a good sense of style! So naturally, they'll also have a keen sense of style. 

Imagine you all dressed up on your date and your partner comes dressed in something that is totally mismatched, I think that would already spoil your date haha. 

This also means that your partner will be able to give you good tips on your outfits, and saves you the headache of thinking which top will match better with your bottoms etc.! 


Basically Sagittarius live on thrills, and you can be sure to have an exciting relationship if you are dating a Sagittarius. The downside is that you'll constantly need to keep up with your partner and he may not be someone who is easily tied down. However, once your partner is committed to the relationship, you can be sure to have a keeper! :)

Hope this little post will provide some insights to dating a Sagittarius. 

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