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Finally got down to blogging about Sydney!
 I went Sydney to find Glen and spent about a week there! :)
Sydney is really beautiful and I got to try quite a few good foodie places thanks to Elaine's recommendations! ;)

And yes if you have been following my IG, Glen is my boyfriend and I obviously will not and will never two-time my boyfriend so for those who have asked Bree on askfm/ fs and on my fs, I am no longer with Gabriel! 

Day One

 Received a bouquet of sunflowers from Glen when he picked me up at the airport!
This guy really knows how to make me smile hahaha. 
Heh I love sunflowers because they are bright and cheery! :D

And I got a lovelier surprise when we reached University Terraces cos he painstakingly folded cranes (taking 15 mins for one crane cos he's a perfectionist hahaha) and made the hummingbird from lego blocks and stuck them into this pretty little jar! And it's fledged by minions!
Hehehe. <3 <3

A close-up shot of the hummingbird. :) 

Rueben Hills
61 Albion St Surry Hills 2010 Sydney

 Off we went to Rueben Hills for lunch! 
They are quite known for their tacos (just some of them) and fried chicken!

Glen ordered lamb tacos which...didn't really turn out nice hahaha. So if you are there, don't order this!

I had crab tacos! This was really gooood! :)

Sake Restaurant
12 Argyle Street The Rocks Sydney NSW 2000 

We headed to Sake Restaurant for dinner and it was super goood!! But it is a little pricier than the normal Japanese restaurants but I think it is worth the price! :) 

I don't have pictures of the food because I left my camera in Terraces. ): The images below are all from google!! 

 These are just some of the dishes that we ordered!! 
Sorry I forgot the names (as usual). :(

Day Two

The Grounds of Alexandria 
Building 7A/2 Huntley St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

You cannot miss this lorry filled with sacks of hay outside the main area!

We headed to Grounds for brunch and it's such a LOVELY LOVELYYY place!! :)
The interior gives off a rustic feel with all the bricks and wooden furniture!

Elaine recommended this and it was gooood! 
I like avocado so having a whole mouthful of it was yummmyy. 
It comes with toast, ham and poached eggs! :)


Glen ordered truffle scrambled eggs with toast!

Chocolate milkshakeeee.

  Elaine feeling camera shy here hehehe.

There are super yummy-looking tarts and desserts at Grounds too!
But we didn't order any because we were all tooo full after having the mains hahaha.  

Looks soooo good right!!!

Grounds doesn't just serve food, but they have an outdoor area whereby they actually rear some animals and sell flowers etc. I heard from Elaine that they have an animal day where they bring animals from the farm for kids and their families to mingle with hehehe.

Here's the home for Kevin the pig!! But he was sleeping so I couldn't take a photo of him hahaha.

You can get flowers at Grounds too! :)

With my dingdong <3 <3

And elaine!! Who was camera shy but still took a photo with me hehehe.
She's like the best foodie around in Sydney. If you need to know any good food places in Sydney JUST ASK HER hahaha. :p 

We headed to Manly beach in the evening! :)
We took a ferry which lasted for about 30 minutes to the beach!

But...well we went over too late and only managed to catch the sunset while on the ferry so by the time we reached the beach, the sky was already quite dark hahaha.
Faillll moment lol. 

We still managed to catch a good view over Sydney harbour though! Hahaha.

Glen doesn't actually like to take pictures BUTT he's taking alot more pictures for me because he knows I like to take pictures so thank you ding dong hehehe.

The images below are taken from google!!!
Manly beach is supposed to look like this when it's sunny and nice HAHAHA. 
It's worth a visit! 

Lowenbrau Keller Restaurant
Cnr of Playfair & Argyle Streets The Rocks Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

We headed to Lowenbrau for dinner with his college friends after that!
It was sooo funny because all of them came dressed in suits and ties HAHAHA. It's a pity we didn't take any photos with them at all!! ):

Took a snapshot of the lowenbrau website because I didn't manage to take a photo of the exterior of the restaurant hahaha.

The menu at Lowenbrau.
We ordered Mango Beer which was a popular beer at Lowenbrau!!

Me taking photos of Glen sneakily hehehe.

Hahaha Glen has funny friends. :p

And we ordered this hugeeee platter for two which was super filling!!
There's a complimentary pork knuckle if you order for 2 pax or more!
It comes with sausages, mash potato, ham...and I can't remember what else hahaha.

There are also performances going on at the same time when you are dining, and there's quite some interaction between the diners and the performers, so you'll be in for a jolly good time at Lowenbraus! :)

Day Three

Sydney Fish Market
Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia 

I am a huge fan of seafood so I was so happy that Glen brought me to Sydney Fish Market! :DD
We woke up really early to beat the queues though, as it can be quite packed in the later half of the day. 

We didn't really go to other shops but headed straight to Peter's! :)

 Look at the array of seafoooood!!!
A word of caution though, have it with rice if you are eating it on an empty stomach or if your stomach is weak (like mine) if not you might have a tummy ache later (which I did zzzz). 


One of our first few photos together. :)

These are the pacific oysters!
There are also Sydney rock oysters which are creamier in taste than the pacific ones.

Glen and his favorite scampiii hahaha.
It's damn goood though!
Oh we actually sat outside at first but we were attacked by the birds TWICE (xasdfhlsfk) so do be careful if you are planning on sitting outside!! 
I think they really target the sashimi because it's FISHH zzzz.

We saw someone wishing their other half high up in the sky hehee.

Just right at University Terraces!! Hehehe.
I was soo happy to finally have BBT!!! :D

Hurricane's Grill
Harbourside Shopping Centre Shops 433-436, Level 2 Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia 

Dinner was at Hurricane's Grill at Darling Harbour with one of my jc mates Kakin!
We managed to catch a beautiful view of the Darling Harbour at night while walking to the restaurant. :) 

Hurricane's Grill menu!

We ordered pumpkin soup!
Which was pretty gooood hahaha. 
I think the portion is good enough for 4 people, because all of us actually shared this and we didn't even finish it hahaha.

We ordered their pork ribs with fries!
This is reallllly good hahaha.

These are beef and lamb ribs, which weren't as good as the pork one.
But Glen liked the lamb ones though!

 Kakin and Erika!
Was good to meet and catch up with an old friend. ;)
I remember our crazy jc days hahaha.

<3 :)

With Kakin!
I will always remember how kakin threw my converse shoes up to the fourth floor and how he laughed crazily after throwing it. -.-
Good old days. :)

Group picture!! Hehehe.
Kakin was telling Glen not to block the signage LOLL.

Day Four

We woke up at around 5am to catch the sunrise!!
It was really cold because we walked to Coogee beach at 8 degs. :ooo
First light was actually at 6am and luckily we made it in time for the sunrise at around 620! :)
It was soo soo pretty gosh. 

You can see the sun gradually rising in the following pictures! :) 

With my romantic and sweet boyfriend hehehe.
Both of us were damn tired actually cos we had to wake up sooo early and walk in the cold.
But it was worth it. :)

After catching the sunrise we walked along the coastal walk towards Bondi Beach!
We walked for about 2 hours?
Good exercise I know right hahaha. :p
We passed by a few smaller beaches along the way, but the prettiest beach was Bondi Beach of course!

This is one of the smaller beaches!

 I tried to take a photo of the waves!
There's just something about watching the waves roll in and enjoying the sea breeze. (: 

We stopped at Mark's Park, just right before we reached Bondi Beach!

Everyday I wake up feeling so lucky to have met Glen because I have never been happier and yes love really comes unexpectedly and when you least expect it to happen.
So thank you dingdong for being a part of my life. :) 

And this is Bondi Beach!!
Damn chio right hahaha.

We headed to Trio for brunch!!
By the time we reached bondi it was about 10am hahaha.

Glen ordered Eggs Benedict!
Which was not tooo bad. 

 I had their scrambled truffle eggs with toast, ham and avocado!
Apparently they are known for their pancakes but we didn't tryy hahaha.

This honeycomb vanilla milkshake was yummy too!  

After the walk we were soooo tired and headed back to take a nap immediately hahaha.


I actually cooked seafood pasta AND clam chowder for dinner for Glen but well the seafood pasta didn't turn out nice in photos so here's a picture of the clam chowder!!

Recipe courtesy of Ben which is DAMNN ZAI hahaha.
For someone who hasn't tried cooking this once and mistook the bag of clams to be unshelled as shelled (therefore I ended up putting only about 20 clams inside hahaha), it's actually not bad for a first try HAHAHA.
Thanks to the zai recipe!! ;D

Day Five 

Paddington Market
395 Oxford St Paddington NSW 2021, Australia

We decided to visit one of the Sydney markets on Saturday!
There are a few markets like glebe market, the rocks market etc etc.
You can google for them!

Personally, I didn't really like paddington market even though there were tons of nice art pieces on sale.
I heard that glebe market is pretty good, will probably head there the next time I am in Sydney again! :)

They had these tiny cactus on sale!

Really pretty artworkkkk!! 

There were leather bags on sale too!

There were even baby shoes!! Hahahaha.

Pretty lightsss. :)

One of the few jewellery and accessory shops at the market!
Oh there was this cool shop that sold vintage posters and postcards hahaha. 

And this is sooo cute!
I am going to get one of these for my kids' bedrooms next time hahaha.

And yes, they even have miniature trees!!! Hahahaa.

Sigh, missing this boy from 4000 miles away rawrrr.

We had hotdog and beer batter fries!!

Selca time!!
The size of my face has increased exponentially ever since I went to Sydney because Glen fed me too much in Sydney!!! :((
Bree says I have a chipmunk face nowww. </3

Glen attempted to take an OTD shot for me, and I think it's a pretty good attempt for his first shot at it HAHAHA.

I couldn't stop laughing because some photos which he took of me were reallyyyy cmi haha BUT good shot baby!! ;)

Here's me in our upcoming premium label aztec printed dungaree!
It's mad chiooo and they are already stocked at all our retail racks!
I don't think there are many sizes left on the racks already tho!

Close-up of the pretty prints. :)

We went to Messina for gelato and it's apparently the best in Sydney!!
They have super cool names for their ice-cream flavors!

Have a gay old time yooooo ~~~ hahahaha.


We tried mocha macamania and have a gay old time!
Both were really sweet but good!

Cannot. Resist. ICE CREAM.

Happy me with my ice-cream! Hehehe. :D

And because we didn't have much time left in Sydney, every photo taken and moment spent together is more precious. 
I love how we are laughing so happily in our photos hehehe. <3

I know you are reading this so thank youuuu again baby. :)

Day Six

Cafe Sopra Fratelli Fresh 
Shop 8, 16 Hickson Rd Walsh Bay, 2000

We headed to Cafe Sopra for lunch and got an amaaaazing view of Sydney Harbour!! :) 

Wish I could perform an apparate charm and teleport there right now hahaha. 

But anyway, the food at cafe sopra is (Y)(Y)(Y).
Basically all of Elaine's recommendations are goooodd! Hehe.

Their full menu on this huge chalkboard hahaha.

This plate of mushroom risotto is the bomb!!!
The best mushroom risotto I have ever had!!

Duck pasta!

And for the food pics below I kinda forgot their names but they are just sooo good.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to go to Cafe Sopra! Hahhaa.

Their desserts are super yummy too!!
I don't have the names, but if you want to order them maybe you can show the waiters the pictures below heh. :p

This Banofee pie is REALLLYYY goood haha.
It's like banana mixed with cream and yummy goodness!!

They have a mini supermarket in the cafe too!! :)

Sneaked some photos of Elaine and Ben hehehe.

Look at them! So cuteee hahahha. 

I have no idea what Glen and I were doing hahahaha.

 <3 <3.

With the best foodie around, Elaine! :)

Group picture which succeeded in one attempt hahaha.

After lunch, Elaine decided to show me the pretty sunset view in Sydney!!
Ben and Elaine really know the best places inside out in Sydney heh.

Us laughing like idiots again asking Glen to make a funny face.
He's like "Nooooooo" hahaha. :p

But well, he still did!! Hehehe. :D
Spot Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge!!
 Love this photo of us we look so retarded hehh. 
I know he doesn't like to do retarded faces (must remain glam all the time) but he still did it for me hehe THANK YOUU bb!!!

And we influenced Ben and Elaine too! :)

 So cute la this two hehe. 
If you two are reading this THANKSSS for driving us around and bringing me to super zai places hehehe. :p  

Awwwwww.  Hehehehe. 
FB cover worthy photo. :p 

We managed to catch the first few signs of the sunset!! 

The silly boy tried to piggyback me up a flight of stairs but I think he hasn't been exercising for a while so he got quite tired after that HAHAHA.

Look at the gorgeous hues!!

I had an awesome time in Sydney thanks to this silly boy here hahaha.
I am usually not so PDA on my blog but I know he's going to be happy reading my blog post so..
Thank you for everything baby I love you!!!

I'll be back dingdong!! :)

Hope the blog post was informative on the places to check out in Sydney!!
It's almost Friday!!

Hang in there till the weekends everybody! :DD

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