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Headed down to Salon Vim's newly revamped outlet at Somerset 313 to get my hairfix on a Sunday! :) As usual, I walked out feeling like a million bucks once again hehhh.

In case some of you are wondering, I have never, ever dyed my hair until L'Oreal Professionel Singapore approached us to! My first hair dying experience was when I was 22 years old (LOL) and L'Oreal Professionel had invited us to Monsoon to have our hair dyed!

Before that, I had always refrained from dying my hair because I thought that dying my hair will result in it being damaged etc and that you can never get back your natural hair color unless you really grow your hair out. 

But ever since I have started my hair experience with Salon Vim, I can proudly say that dying your hair not only changes how you look (I think I look younger and more refreshed), it also makes you more confident (because you'll be like oh yeahh look at my cool hair when people take a second look at you hahaha) ANDD with proper care, your hair won't be as damaged as what other people always say!

And no Salon Vim did not pay me/ ask me to blog about the paragraphs above, but this is really just my personal opinion. So if you are thinking twice about dying your hair, I really really highly recommend Salon Vim to all my readers! :) 

Anyway here's some pics of Salon Vim 313's newly revamped outlet! :)
Taking some pics before getting my hair done heh.

I only touched up my roots and added pink color to my purple!
Some ends of my purple color were faded but it resulted in a super chio ombre effect hehehe.
Heeded the advice of Katherine to not bleach my hair further so that it will not be so dry!! :) 

 I love it when we have all these aluminum foils on our head HAHAA.
We look like ehhhh those green toys from toy story!!! ^^

End product of my hair!! Tadahhhh!!
You can't really see the colors here, but scroll down for more pictures okay! ;)
I did Amino Privy Treatment again! :D 
Love how soft my hair is after the treatment mann.  

With my trusty stylist, Katherine!!
Take a look at their newest backdrop.

 Katherine recommended me to use their newest range of products from Kerastase!
These products help to maintain your hair color and prevent the color from fading too much! :) 

As a guide, I use the shampoo everyday, mask once a week and leave in lotion everyday since I blow dry my hair everyday! :)

This is the mask!
I haven't tried it yet, will do a review if some of you ask for it! :)

Kerastase shampooo! 
I use this everyday now, it keeps my hair soft and color intact! Wooh! :D

Leave in protecting milk!
You can apply this on your hair before your blow dry it, to prevent your hair from being too dry / damaged and protecting your hair color at the same time! :) 


From here on, I'll spam pictures of my hair!!! Don't say I never warn you ahh haha.  

Pretty right?!! I loveee the gradient ombre effect even though we never intended it to be like this!
Can only trust Salon Vim to do this!! (Y)(Y)

Close-up hehh. The ends are more pink because the purple faded more at my ends! :) 
 Trying to look demure and shu nv heree. :b These photos are taken outdoors! I have some photos taken indoors so you can do a comparison. :)

  Okay indoor shots! Not exactly indoors but this was just taken outside our office! 

 The pink and purple streaks can't really be seen here because the sunlight wasn't as strong as compared to taking the photos downstairs! :)

Alright OOTDDD time!
In TCL Candy Crush Skater Dress in Mustard! 
Extras are still available on our website. :) 

Thank you Salon Vim for my beautiful hair once again! :)
Quote "bertilla wong" to enjoy 10% off when you head down to Salon Vim okay!

And since they have 30% off for this GSS period, valid until the end of July, you should totally head down to try out their hair services! :)

Salon Vim's GSS Promotions until 31st July:

- 30% off Color and SS2013 highlight - get a haircut at 30% off too
- 30% off Treatment (Privy or Redken Cocktail) - get a haircut at 30% off too

For enquiries & appointments, call them at:
- 68847757 (Somerset 313)
- 68370073 (Bugis_
- 67329388 (Chez Vous @ Takashimaya)

Go go!! All details are listed in the image below! :D

Salon Vim can be found at Somerset 313, Bugis and Orchard!
Do give them a call to book an appointment beforehand!
My awesome stylist is Katherine! :D 


And soo...the other day the TCL pixies decided to all dress up in TCL apparels to take OTD! Heheheee. So cute right?!!

Here's Joyce looking super adorable in upcoming TCL Cold Shoulder Top in Grey! :)
Top: TCL Cold Shoulder Top in Grey
Bottom: Monochrome Floral Shorts 
Shoes: TCL Knotted Suede Flats in Black 

Hui Ee is the bestttt she can seriously pose DAMN CUTELY. Got to give it to her sometimes heh. ;) 
Top: TCL Bustier Eyelet Top in Black
Bottom: Premium TCL Vintage Floral HWS in Black 
Shoes: TCL T-Bar Suede Sandals in Black 

Steph looking sweet here! :) 
Top: TCL Santiano Top in White
Bottom: TCL Sugar Floral Shorts 
Shoes: Jelly Sandals in Black 

Here's my OTD in newly launched TCL apparels! :)
Top: TCL Memoirs Ruffle Top in Aqua Blue
Bottom: TCL Tropical Shorts 
Shoes: Bond Girl Suede Heels 

Ending off with a self-timed group shot! 
Love these pixies so much because they bring such joy and youthfulness (HAHA) to our office! :D 

Enjoy your weekendssss! 
I am quite excited for STOMP tomorrow, and jiaen's birthday dinz + party HAHA.
Till the next! :D 

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