Dayre 03.

5:30 AM

Updating my #ootd for yesterday! :) In TCL Brushstrokes painted top in blue! Super adorable the cut / prints and everything about it haha.

Matched it with my trusty topshop jeans and a denim jacket! My heels were killing me even though they look super nice right?

It was actually super duper hot when we were taking this otd shot haha. Trying my best to look as chill as ever.

This top is still available in last pieces on TCL! The one in pink is sold out already but if you head down to MIYOC Jcube we still have some there heh. We also stocked in new arrivals *yay* so you can go down and check it outz too!

Close up of the top!

Orange is the new black so yup bertilla the caterpillar must have orange heels too muahahaaaa. These heels came in pastel yellow and orange and I had a hard time deciding between the two (almost bought both) but I settled for orange instead.

Will you be keen for us to manufacture such heels for TCL? Holler if you want us to do so! We have never manufactured pointed heels before so it'll be a big step for us haha.

I didn't wear these chained loafers but I wanted to show these pretty babies!! We waited so long for this design to arrive because it was quite hard for the supplier to find the exact shoe / chain and material / color.

Some customers have already bagged this at MIYOC! Don't fret if you went down and your size was oos because we'll be launching it on Tuesday. :)

These loafers seriously match almost all outfits haha. I'll try to see if I can dig up my old outfits and post here.

Here is one I found. You can also search #bertdressesup on Instagram and scroll down to see the OTDS where I wore these loafers.  I think I deleted the old ones from my phone as there were too many pictures. :'(

If you are wondering why we did it in patent leather instead of matte ones, this pair looks much much better in patent leather. It looks classier and more expensive too. So don't think that it looks obiang because it is not ok! Hahaha.

Off to get my lashes extensions done. Be back later if all turns out well.

The queue at KFC at Yishun is sooo long oh gosh. I think that Yishun residents really love to have KFC haha. Anyw since I think I'll need to queue for at least 15 mins, time to update dayre! Sometimes dayre can be really convenient. 😊

Super satisfied with my new eye lash extensions! I had mine done at Point D'Beaute. This is not a sponsored advert etc but I read other bloggers' reviews and decided to try it out.

Turns out the previous salon I went to, the glue was stuck to my eyelid?!

This is why my eyelids were so itchy and why it was quite painful when they tried to remove my old lashes.

Anyway I felt so comfortable during the whole process that I fell asleep! No stinging glue / strong glue smell and it didn't even feel like I have eye lash extensions. :)

Gives off a really light feeling too! Yay so happy that I signed a package and @briannawonggg can use it too. Each session will work out to be about $106.

The previous salon's pricing is cheaper at around $50-60 but I have learnt my lesson and just pay more for a better experience and result. Carragheen works out to be about $160-170 per session so this is really quite worth it.  It is at FEP if you are interested!

Updating another otd for TCL Aurora Embossed Dress! I really really adore this dress.

I mean I adore all our tcl items (of course hehe) but I am a girly girl and having a dress with a flattering cut makes me so happy!

It comes in a circle skirt cut so you can swirl and twirl for all you want muahahaaaa.

This dress will be more expensive because of the fabric used, denim polyester blend with velvet embossed details.

It'll be worth it in my opinion because such dresses can wear dressed up / down and for important occasions too.

The back of this dress is fully covered with a concealed back zip.

Okay I am feeling super famished now, KFC please try to serve your customers faster boo.

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