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Been a busy busy two weeks! Which resulted in a lack of time to bloggg! But here I am, after TCL's team dinner (and celebratory birthday dinner) to post some pictures before they collect more dust in my computer's hard drive hahaha. 

Our first team dinner before the girls head off back to school ): That means less helpers oh nooooo. We have been running our operations smoothly with Janelle handling emails, XM packing the parcels and Bree and I doing shoots or other matters before we attend to the emails/ parcels! Now that they are both leaving soon... -dies- But school's good! They should be happy that they are going back to school now hehe :p 

We went to Ramen play for dinner!! Their food is seriously much better this time! Or maybe because I was too hungry hahaha. We had planned a surprise cake for Xin Mei, BUTTTT. Sigh plan failed because the waitress came over and asked "Would you like your cake to be cut here or cut in the kitchen?" -.- grrrrrr. To think Bree took such great pains to hide the cake before joining us for dinner!!! Hahaha but the girls were really quite stunned :p 

Bree and Janelle candid photos before I pushed them for one proper photo! Heh.

Our awesome email pixie!! :DD Wearing Embroidered Diamante Top in White! She took it home immediately when she saw the stocks lol! The embroidery loverrr :p 

Photo with XM! We were laughing at Bree soo badly because obviously she's quite bad at taking pictures :p Look at the photo below!! No headroom at all ): Hahahaha. 

 We tried their Gyoza today!! It's realllyyy good and crispy in my opinion! And they served us this free chicken bamboo side dish because our bill exceeded $70 :)

LOOK AT THE GYOZAAA. Yummmyyyyyy (y)(y)(y)!!!!!

The chicken bamboo side dish which came with an egg dip. Also yummy!! But I prefer the gyozaaaaa :D

Super grapefruit drink!! Not that nice, but quite refreshing! You can choose to add alcohol or not, but of course we didnt :p 

The pixies both ordered the non-alcoholic moijito!! Which tasted....weird hahaha. Don't order it if you are going to Ramen Play! 

Bree's fried prawn set!! I don't know the name, but the serving is quite huge!! Naturally, Bree only finished like 20% of it -.- She only had two prawns out of 8!! Waste money ah that girl tskkk hahaha

Lol attempting to instagram :p 

Here's mine!! Herbal infused seafood ramen (which sounds really awesome and delicious right) BUT it's not really nice ): Sadlyyy. Haha even though it looks good! The soup broth is not herbal enough for my liking! They should add more chinese herbs or sth ): 

And surprise!!!!!!! Happy 21st birthday girl! :) Finally reaching adulthood ah! 
Here's wishing you all the best for your studies and to be less emo about you-know-who!! ;)
I know you are secretly reading this hehe.

Oreo cake from Polar cakes! 

Series of bad photo-taking skills by the one and only Brianna Wong Sze Wai!!! 

Team TCL! <3 <3

My photo-taking skills are obviously better than Bree's right :p

 Us wearing different shoes!! Hahaha.

XM brought her polaroid along! So we had some fun taking them :) It's quite hard to get someone to take a nice polaroid pic but I think we managed to get a few good ones! And we subsequently engaged in a see-who-can-take-nicer-polaroid-pics mini competition between Janelle, Bree and I! LOLL. 

Conclusion: Team TCL can take relatively nice pics lah ;) 


 Thank you girls soo much for all the hard work!! For staying in office till late packing the crazy warehouse, for always running here and there in the office to lugging the parcels under the hot sun to the PO!! <3 <3 Love you girls!! Gonna miss both of you when you two go back to school :'(

Okay onto Maybelline!! I should have blogged about it a week earlier ): 
But picture spammed post it shall be!! Hahaha. 

Thanks to everyone who came down to support us! <3 
We hope you managed to find some good deals and enjoyed the fashion show!! 

I was actually already at Zouk at about 1pm waiting to fit the models and prepare our booth!!
 These events can be quite tiring but the outcome would be worth it because we'll be able to meet you girls and you get freebies as well! :)
 Special thanks to Maybelline for allowing us to showcase our apparels :D

Before the show!! With cons! Love her hair! So poofy and niceee.

Waiting to fit the models and iron the clothes early in the day ~~~

I dont know what I was doing here -.- Hahaha. Unglam ttm!!

Bree and Janelle! Wearing Memoirs ruffled top in watercolor prints and Declasse toga dress respectively :) 

Models rehearsing for the show! :) Really admire them because they don't seem to have any nervous nerves working up before they get on stage!! So confident and elegant sighh hahaha.

The models looking fab in TCL apparels :)
Backstage while waiting for their turn to be on stage! Hee. 

Cons and I! :) 

Xiaxue was backstage with Michelle Tan doing some filming!!! We were all sooo excited to see them!!! :D

Managed to capture some shots on stage :)
Look at the nicely done up stage and lights!!

Wonderful array of makeup! Maybelline's newest range of products :)
Must get product would be the newest LASHIONISTA!
Get it nowwww! :D

Bree and I with the other blogshop owners!!! Joyce and Jolene from TTR and Tricia from VGY!! :) 
I think we took like 3 shots for this to get the picture right! Heh. 
Thankfully, we didn't look too tired :p

Mandatory sister shot loll hahaa. Bree's eyes are as big as always ):

<3 TCL! Like us on facebook ( if you want to be updated with the latest sneaks or join our mailing list!!! ;DD

Bree with some of the customers who came down! Thank youuu <3

Bree with her trusty group of friends who always come down to support us!! Aww :)

On a side note! We'll be launching tomorrow again with many pretty items!! Hehe. 
Owl embellished flats and moustache watches! Sneaks are up on facebook :)

So tired, gonna scoot off to bed!
Have a good night all!!

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  1. Is the pink blazer an old piece or an upcoming piece? Looks so awesome on you!! (:

  2. Hi dear, the piece is our own piece! Heh and it's worn on Bree not me!! :p


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