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 Mid-week post! Since I brought my laptop back! :) I actually bought a new hot pink laptop cover!! (y)(y) But anyw, Bree and I went to get our hair done last week at Kimage Prestige Salon!
Thanks to L'oreal Professionel for the sponsorship! It was my first time doing hair treatment and it was a pretty good experience heh. 

Our treatment was the latest range of mythic oil bar series! They have expanded their highly raved and popular mythic oil range to include a salon hair treatment as well :DD Super awesome right!! If you have used their mythic oil serum you'll know how nice-smelling and soft your hair will feel after using it (: 

Say hello to pink bunny!!

Tadah!! Their newest products :)
From left to right: Mythic oil shampoo, mythic oil mik, mythic oil condition and mythic oil mask!!
I love their packaging! Looks really classy and pretty :) The mythic oil milk reminds me of the toner we use on our face! Haha it's like emulsion for our hair hehehe.

Their mythic oil is made of seven types of oil! :o

But anyw, we went to kimage prestige @ plaza sing!! :)
 I got a really good hair stylist!! There are actually a couple of treatment packages to have and my stylist recommended me the mythic absolute treatment! :) The basic rundown of the treatment is shown below!

Yeap so firstly he applied the first mini bottle on the left on my scalp! Directly on my scalp ;) And oh did you know while you are shampoo-ing your hair, and if you are using those over the counter shampoo brands, you should refrain from applying the shampoo directly to your scalp! According to my stylist, he says that it is harmful for your scalp because they contain alot of unhealthy shampoo oil. So don't apply on your scalp ya!!
Haha my shy stylist who wanted to run away from the camera when I was taking photos :p He's actually already been in this line for 5 years! :o Can't tell right he looks so young haha!

Anyw, after the first step, we'll be brought to massage and shampoo our hair! Wahhh their massage is super shiok because they massage for like at least 10minutes!! I think mine was more than 10 minutes! I was almost dozing off already :p 

After shampooing the hair with the mythic oil shampoo, it's time for hair masque and mythic oil concentrate! I think my stylist really did a good job in applying the masque into the hair! He says we have to massage the masque and concentrate into the hair by rubbing it in so that the hair will fully absorb the concentrate and masque :) And if we have really long hair (like I do), we need to go for hair treatment regularly as the bottom ends of our hair do not take in the nutrients well ): This is why we are prone to split ends )): Now we know!!! Hahaha. And of course, like during facial treatment, we need to steam our hair!! 

And so..the end result is (according to the mythic oil handbook that I was given)

So did my scalp feel refreshed and energized, and was my hair soft and shiny? I'll say YESSS!!! <3 
Like honestly, my hair felt really soft and smelt superbly niceee. Smelt like honey! :) Even Bree was so shocked at her hair because she claims that her hair is literally grass-like :p I felt that my hair really looked like this below, soft and shiny!!! :)

Some before and after photos! This was taken before the treatment! You can see my ends is kinda dry :\
And after!! Whee shiny new bouncy hair hehe. Even after a day, I could smell the mythic oil concentrate on my hair :)

Bree's look!!! Say byee ~~ to grassy hair hahaha. 

Bree and I! We look really alike right :p

Thanks to L'oreal Professionel for the awesome treatment! :) Watch out for their newest range soon!! :) Check out kimage facebook page here as well! ( :)

After the treatment, we went to tomato for some pasta! :) Tasted quite good I must say!
Their tomato soup of the day which I didn't quite fancy :\

Oh but this is good!! Steak + aglio olio!!! Yum yum.

Bree taking random photos! I think I made an unglam face again :p 

Where are my eyes :'( 

 Went to send off a dear friend of mine V, to paris for studies for 2 years :'( She's going to have a great time there tho :) Take care V!!!!! <3

 Our first shot which failed hehe.

Haha V's soo cute. 

Awkward gap between Cal and V, so had to retake after this shot!! :) 

Our final shot!! :) We'll miss you V!! I think she should have reached Paris by now hehe. 

 Alright, happy mid-week babes!! Backorders are now up on TCL btw! Will do up the picture and post tomorrow :) Busy day because we have an outdoor shoot in collaboration with Maybelline! *excited* 

Good night :)

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