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It's Friday the thirteenth!! Nah it's not :p Haha just realized that it's Friday and this is my 13th post :) TGIF!! This week has been an insane week because our backorders arrived and both XM and Janelle were not free to come in to help! That means 4 less hands to work around the office = ticking timebomb for Bree and I because

1. We need to pack parcels :)
2. We need to clear emails :|
3. We need to do shoots while doing the two above :oo
4. We need to do launches while doing the three above x.x

Thank you girls for being so patient with us!! And for Janelle for being such an efficient email pixie :D  But anyw, on to our...VERY FIRST FASHION VIDEO CAMPAIGN!!! :)

In the midst of planning and thinking about the concept for the video, we wanted to do a campaign that was different from the usual ones we see! The sweet music, slow movements..twirling and swirling of the skirts...and so on! Which was why, our video is something quirky, fun, unique and something very different from the usual TCL don't you think so? ;) If you felt that way, I think we have nailed it closely with this video!!! But not to worry, we'll explore the sweet and demure videography in our upcoming ones too :p

We had our filming done in a studio this time! Wanted to go for a clean, but mismatched look! So you see that Con's styling for this filming is rather mismatched! We have neon against studs, and some props to play along with! I couldn't capture much BTS that day cos I was alone and Bree wasn't feeling well so super mad rush for me that day ):

But I liked how cons turned out to be!! :D We tried a new hairstyle too! Can you tell the difference? :)

Cons in a test shot! I really loveee this outfit. Megaaaaa <3 Hahaha. Sunglasses were bought from Cotton on! Yay to cheap buys hee.
 That's Pris for you! Behind the camera ~~ We were playing background music and Cons was just dancing to the music and doing some actions that we suggested to her! Basically she was really grooving hehe.

 The background is a little glaring due to the studio lights!

Only Cons can still look so seh in this styling. Haha I'll die if I style myself like this wahahaa. 

Some accessories used during the shoot! As you can it's a pile of mess everytime we have shoot hahaha. 

The cool headband you see on Cons in the above pics! :) 

Bangles! Colorful ones yayyy :) 

Sunglasses yooo

Outfit change!! Cons in TCL Birdy Tie Front top!! :)
Pris has to take closeup shots sometimes to feature the clothes!

On to the edgy look!! In upcoming denim jacket!!! :D We have white and light denim for this!! 

 Final outfit!! Featuring studded sleeves top!! I'll post an OTD for this top soon hehe! (: Sold really well on the racks! We had quite a hard time styling this piece because it didn't fit in too well with the other pieces! But we managed to still style it with a pink belt and some coral accessories ;)

Cons doing some wacky poses hehe. 

I thought black and white made these photos look nicer!! Presenting to you the B&W version of BTS hahahaha. 

Cons in her final kissing pose, but it wasn't used in the final video!! :p 

So..our final product..TADAHHH!!! Spread the love babes! It's our very first video fashion campaign and we know there's much more to improve on! But it's our first step into the video foray, so do give us some comments or suggestions! If you think the music and movement in the video is fast and jarring, that's the feel we wanted to portray (:

I really love how the video turned out! <3
Special thanks to talented videography geck geck (hahaha) and Cons for bearing with us and dancing the whole time! It looks easy but in actual fact, it's extremely tiring :\\ Imagine dancing for a whole 5-8 minutes for each outfit!!! :o Non-stop movement!
Hope you girls enjoy the video :)

Hee. On to some OTDS! Bree and I went for mythic oil black bar treatment very kindly sponsored by L'oreal Professionel! I suppose Bree will blog abit about it :) Our hair was soo soft and nice after the treatment!

OTD! In upcoming Glam Panel Dress :)

Random instagram photos! (I love instagramm!!! hehe)

Colorful set of hairties from H&M. I think it only cost 2 bucks!

I never used to like ketchup with noodles, but because of Meng's, I have grown to love it!!! 
I eat this almost everyday omgosh hahaha. 

Now. This..IS THE BOMB. Like really really really good.
I might have been really famished that night, but even Bree tried it and it was really good!!
The pasta is al dente (like really really al dente) and the sauce is..simply yummy!!
From ice age cafe just right at Thomson road! You have to try it and get the right chef to cook it.
I forgot to ask for the chef's name ):

My favorite top!! Memoirs ruffled top in watercolor peach :) Available on backorders nowww hahaha.

Cheers to the weekend babes!
And remember to catch the fashion campaign if you can! :) 
Ending off with another image I had the sudden inspiration to do up for TCL website hehe. 

Goodnight!! :)

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