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Ooh lala it's the weekends!! :) It's almost nearing the end of the weekends ): Haha when you work almost everyday you really look forward to the weekends lolll.

On Friday we had TCL team dinner #2!! Celebrated Janelle's birthday at watami! :) Junction 8 has pretty good restaurants to dine in! There's watami, ramenplay, pastamania, manhattan fish market...and the list goes onnnn hahaha. 

WATAMI SALAD!! This is reallly good! Bree loves this sooo much she took like 10001 photos of it lo.

We care for good taste haha. But they don't really care for good service ah. Their service is rather slow and due to the high amount of diners during dinner time, they are usually quite slow on orders or requests. But still, good food!!!! (y)
 Bree and Janelle looking so intently at the menu hahaha. We sat in the same positions as we did the last dinner!! All of us laughed when we took our places hehehe :D
 One good photo over heree :) Looking so pretty ah both of you! :p I think I was almost outcasted cos Xinmei almost wore a knit top! And I don't really like knit tops! So warm :( 

 Self-shot with mei mei the power packerrrr!
 Paparazzi shot of the sister hahaha. Bree uses the EP3 while i use the G12 and we often fight over who has the better camera! I have absolute faith in my G12 (for camera noobs) HAHA.
We ordered a SGD69 set meal + my stonepot ribs rice!! This was the Cesar salad that came with it! Yummy eggggg with super salty bacon though!

 I ordered this: Ishiyaki Gyu Steak Don!!!

It's really pretty good!!! It's like japanese bimbimbap hahaha. With beef slices and some sauce! Not too salty :)

This is gooood too!! Fresh salmon sashimi, prawn and scallop! I love the white radish that comes with it :) 

 Happy me with my food!! :D

 Team TCL! How I wished our pixies can work for us forever hahaha but ah they'll graduate and work for bigger bosses in the corporate world :'( Nonetheless, so happy to have met them!! <3 All of us were decked in TCL outfits hehe. If you are a TCL fan, try to recall their names of the items that we are wearing!!! Hehehe.

We are like Do Re Mi here - Tallest, taller, tall!

The knit loverssss. 

OTD! Wearing upcoming TCL denim dress!! :) Made of soft denim and comes in sizes!! I think it's long enough to be worn to work too :) Spot the cute breasted pocket ^^



OTD for today!! In TCL 100th's collection colorblock top x TCL mary poppin's shorts in red wahahaha. My shorts have survived from C92 (I think) till now!!! 

I was trying on some boots hehehe. (On one foot only tho!) 
If you haven't seen how the shoes look like, hop over to my instagram @bertillawong!!!! 

 Okay I am off to continue watching my Flower Ramen Shop Boys (something like that), have a happy weekend everybodyyy!! :)

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