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Midweek post oh yeahh ~~~ hahaha. Took a break from the emails to smuggle this post out of the office (hehe). Anyway, it has been an extremely eventful previous week!! 

If you haven't heard, we had our first ever TCL warehouse sale!!!! Yayyyyy :) 
We had planned to have it when I was back from my Europe trip, but delayed it till now!
It was CRAZZZYY madness haha. We started preparing for our warehouse sale since like a week ago!
We had to bring out all the past stocks, put them together, hang them on the racks, sort them out etc.
Furthermore, our office was actually very dimly lit and we went to IKEA to source for lights!! 
If you came to our warehouse sale and thought that our office looked very bright, you are wrong! 

THIS. was how the office looked like on Wednesday haha. 
Look at the mess omgosh!

It's nice to browse through the cartons of old stocks and go "Omgosh! XXX Top leh!" 
The pixies managed to snag away some old items lo ;)
So anyway, after hours of packing and packing, our office was finally done up!!!! 

TADAHHHH. So proud of ourselves!!! 
It's not easy to put the racks so neatly like this okay!!

Accessories + Shoes section!
Spot our self-manufactured flats!! Hehe. 
Oh, there's suede jelly flats which is superrrr comfy! The black color was all sold out on the day of the sale! 

Our piles of recyclable purple glittery bagsss 

I was up and early at the office at 1030am, but oh gosh when I arrived this was the sight that I got!!
So pai seh to see a line outside our office by then! I heard some girls came at 9am! Aww, thanks for the support babes <3 

And the queue that went on and on to the end of the carpark! ><
Madness moments during the sale where everyone is trying to squeeze their items into the bag hehehe. 

To address everyone's concerns, I thought it'll be good to say a few things about the sale:

- Following comments from the people waiting outside, from the second batch onwards we had limited the buffet sale to 30 minutes
- We restocked new items at every single new batch
- Buffet grab bags ran out at around 3 - 4pm
- Following which, we changed the buffet grab bag to ala carte items, selling items at sale prices 

We know that there was a long wait outside our office, and customers who came early had to wait for about 2 - 3 hours, but there was a maximum no. of people that we could allow to enter our office at any one time, if not the office will be too packed. ): We allowed about 40 - 50 people at any one time to enter our office. We did not expect the huge turnout, and we apologize for the extremely long wait ): If you were inside the office, you'll know that it's quite hectic inside as each and everyone of us has something to attend to during the sale.

It's quite impossible to please everyone and when customers had feedback to allow 2 people to share one grab bag, we took that feedback in and changed it. However, thereafter some customers complained that we should have stuck to 1 person per grab bag to allow more people in. Like I said, it's really almost impossible to please everyone, and our TCL team has tried our best to accommodate to everyone's requests. We are only human, so thanks to those who had kind words to say for our sale :) To the rest, we'll definitely take your suggestions in and we'll hope to rent a bigger venue to cater to more people the next time! :) 

Kudos to the TCL team!! Thanks for sacrificing your Saturday for us ;')
Janelle Liu Junru and her friend Rujun (LOLL) hahaha :p

 Shrimps!! For spending your family day with me hehehe :p I'll visit you at island creamery soon!! Wahahaha.

I don't have individual pictures with everyone, so here's a group photo!!! :) 

Rebs!! Who came down before her shoot :) Such a sweetheart this girl awww :)  Still as pretty as ever!!!
 With Yvonne! One of our customers who have stood by us since like forever!!! <3

With Siyun!! Who came down so late and braved the rain :') So glad she managed to walk away with some stuff!! Hehe. 


Happy and pretty customers!!! Didn't manage to get their names cos Bree took these pics ): 

Aww I love to see such smiley faces on our customers!! Carrying our recyclable friendly bag :D

Iphone cases!!! Up for grabs really soon :D

My #armswag!! Soooo cute right the kitty face watch? ;) I used to really dislike cats, but after meeting maple the friendly cat (hehe) my fear of cats was gonee!! And so here I am wearing a kitty face watch :D
OTD! Wore upcoming TCL Love for Embroidery Blouson in White and TCL Colorblock Flats! :) 

 Pics with the sista! I always call her Brianna Wong (lolll)
We managed to pull off our first warehouse sale! Yay!
Stop being a lazy bum and wake up earlier loo!! Hahaha.

We look really alike right hahaha but Bree's eyes are obviously bigger than mine!!! 
Bree eyes vs my eyes: 0.0 vs o.o 

With the warehouse sale done, it's back to proper launches!!!
My OTD for today!
Floral printed cardigan (for once I kept a cardigan haha) x peace sign watch! :) 

Bigger images below for a clearer view of the prints hehehe. <3 <3
Super dainty and sweet prints!

Peace everybodyyyy!!! :)


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