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Tralalala it's the weekends! I miss my G12 soo much. Even tho Bree lent me her olympus, being a camera noob, we are unable to use the camera efficiently!!! Very much prefer the G12 which has awesome auto settings for camera noobs like us hahaha. Need to get back my G12 soon!!! As a result, there's a lack of photos for me to put in this post, but I'll just make do with what I have! :D

This is a backdated OTD, but since I love this dress soo much, I have to post the pics!! Heh. 
TCL Paperbag Courtney Dress in Royal Blue!!! :) 

When Bree took the pics, the sun was setting in the background, which resulted in the rather warm photo effect hahaha. Quite cool right :p I think we took like 10,001 shots but we couldn't get a good picture because we didn't know how to tune the camera settings ): Bleahhh.


 Truer colors of the dress! Pretty paperbag pleats :) I have the old one in white! Now I have royal blue! Yay! Luckily I didn't keep rose if not I'll have the same dress in three colors :o

Bree says I have a "chao lao" face ): </3

We tried like three different locations, even trying to get a good shot at the traffic light -.- HAHA I think I look the same in all the photos oops :p

Mega failll! But I do hope all of you who bought the dress will love it as much as I do! I handpicked this design okay! Bree initially didn't want to manufacture this design, but I stood firmly by my choice (Y) :D 

I was a happy girl that day because I managed to do florals for my new manicure!! 
I mixed mint base color with pastel yellow and pink flowers and alternated with gold polka dots!
How's it? Is it nice? :p
Bree said it's too demure for me -.-

Since I have almost nothing to blog about, just insert some sneaks here!!! Hehe. 
We'll be launching three manufactured items in the next collection!! :D
1 top, 1 bottom and 1 dress! Complete set wahaha!

First up! Peterpan lace insert pleated blouson :)
Balloon sleeves with <3 hehe
It's great to match with peplum skirts / shorts! I wore it with a maxi skirt today! 
Comes in light pink, white and black (if I don't remember wrongly haha) 

OTD Today! Wearing the lace top with a polka dotted maxi skirt!
Please ignore my eyebags hahaha

Watercolor prints make a comeback in a dress!!! 
I love the material of this dress leh it feels so luxe heh.
And a dress is a definite good throwover on lazy days :p 
Comes in light pink and navy! 

If you are following me on instag, this was the dress that I wore yesterday! :) 

Our third manufactured item to be featured, basic shorts in black and khaki! As you can tell from the name, it's basic shorts therefore we did it in basic colors LOLLL hahaha. 
It's a zara inspired design, and the material is super fab superhero pants material! 
I actually wore this shorts alot of times already but it's so basic I can't take a proper OTD cos I wear it on my lazy days (which equates to Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs now hahaha) :p 
 And because Bree can't get enough of knit tops...more knit tops coming up!! 
I need to stop Bree from bringing too much knit tops in, but she's like madly in love with them -.-
Haha okay this one is a different style tho! It's buttoned up and in new colors!!

Second knit top is a throwover in burnt orange!! Different style ya ;) 

Third one resembles the essential knit top, but it's slightly different in the knit design!
Spot the difference? ;) It looked the same to me but only Bree could tell the difference haha -.-
We brought in a new color of camel! Yay to fall colors hahaha

Ever popular H&M inspired zipped up dress in super adorable pastel aztec prints!!!
The prints have abit of topshop feel in it ;)

Denim shirts anyone? ;) 

Deng deng deng deng!! Topshop inspired vintage floral denim vest! When Bree saw this she literally cried out! And our pixie confirmed a piece the moment she saw it too!!
In vintage floral prints, and quality is really good for this too!
I can't really wear vests very well, but I am contemplating to keep this too :p

Two simple printed tops! Prints galoreeee. 
Bree is mad she kept BOTHHH.
When she has soooo many clothes aiyoo

  Studded collared top with a slightly unique back! :)
I can't remember the colors that we brought in, but it's bright colors for sure!
Happiness for your wardrobe hehe. 

And the flats which we waited a longggg time for - crochet silver capped flats!!
Same cutting as studded flats in nude and black, so if that pair of flats fits you perfectly well, this will tooo! 

 End of sneaks! Catch our facebook sneaks for more previews! :)
And if you haven't heard backorders are opened for the last collection already!

One last thing, TCL IS HIRING!
We are looking for admin executive, packers, designers so head on down to our Career page here: http://www.theclosetlover.com/career

And find out moreeee! 

Okay got to sleep soon, hope I'll be able to wake up early tomorrowww.

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