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Happy halloween everybodyy!!!! Hahaha this post comes a little late heh.
I remember dressing up as a supposedly school girl last year!! 
I had a crazy night last year hahaha.

Last year's halloween's costumes were wayyy better! I think the most memorable character I met was he-who-must-not-be-named!! Effort man (y)! 
So anyway, I headed out early that day with Bree in one of my fave dresses (which we'll be launching as a year end dress in a different print!!)

Having our lunch before we headed to MBS to catch Nutcracker on ice!! :) 
Our uncle has grown to enjoy plays so much that he sponsors us to catch a play every few months!! 
It's a good way to catch up as well with the family so we meet once in a while nowadays :) 

Haha got too bored so I did a si-lian pai :p

Nice lighting at MBS to take my OTD ^^
I threw my fave H&M blazer over, just in case it was going to be super cold in the theatre.
It was supposed to be 18 degrees inside the theatre, but it didn't turn out to be so cold after all!!! 

I love my G12!! Because I get flawless looking skin like this hehehe --> 

THE IMPERIAL ICE STARS!! Nutcracker on ice :) 

It was a really nice show!! The stunts on ice was pretty breathtaking, and there was make believe snow falling on the stage awww. 
I did a little research and 14 tonnes of ice were used for the stage!!
With our adorable aunt who's not really used to taking photos hehehe. 

We couldn't take pictures during the show, so the images below are taken off google ;) 

The main leads, the nutcracker and the little girl!!  This was their duet dance on stage heh.

This is one of the more complex stunts, and I really wonder how do they do it?! Can you imagine losing your balance? :oo

Ooh and this was the lotus dance when they returned to the Nutcracker Prince's palace hahaha. 

OTD! Featuring TCL lace insert peterpan blouse and floral skorts which a customer asked me on formspring to wear and take an OTD! Thought it matched quite nicely with our TCL Colorblock flats too!! Heh.

And much lovee for our manufactured flats! :) Please pardon the veins on my feet! ):

It's Friday!! Enjoy the upcoming weekends! Gonna catch Skyfall this weekend, can't wait! :D

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