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We woke up bright and sunny for our latest OD shoot again!! Had to travel super farrr for this location! But mirage flowers kindly sponsored floral head gears for this shoot, and so Mr Wilson was back in action for this collaboration! :)

Parking our portable changing tent along the side of the road hehe. We'll be changing it to black color very sooon!!! Blue color is too striking and creates unwanted attention! ): 

HAHA Bree and I giving stupid faces :p It's early in the morning and we want to goof around hehe ;) 

 I am a flower girl!! Haha in the super cui mode ): Haha I am not like Bree who'll still put on make up sooo early in the morning!! :p 

Pretty Cons and Mabel in our lace necklace peplum dress!! Megaa chiooooo peplum dress!
Available on our racks at KJ! Go check out our racks weekly for new arrivals! Hehe. 

Awww :) 
They look so alike right! Haha sisterly love <3 

 And in another of the pretty lace dress, Serenade

The pretty back details of the dress! :) 


Close up of the lace details! <3 <3

We kept this embroidered top for a loongg time! Finally managed to launch it :) 
Comes in coral, kelly green, cobalt blue and white! 

Close up of the details!! 
Love the slightly pleated details and embroidery hehe. 

 And of course, ASOS INSPIRED BUNNY BAGS!! Wahhh when Bree and I first saw this, we knew we had to bring it in lollll hahaha.

More BTS of our outdoor shoot! 

You can see Bree digging for accessories to match for the outdoor shoot hahaha. 

 The skies were so pretty and nice that day! Was worried that it'll rain but luckily it didnt!! :)

A butterfly visited us along the way and Bree was so afraid of it! She was panicking and frantically trying to chase the butterfly away lo! Hahhahaa. That's Mel's foot btw!

Full preview is now up on facebook! :)

 OOTD!! Santiago Top in white!
With my trusty H&M shorts which we have already sent for manufacturing and awaiting the stocks to arrive! Yes we did it in floral prints too :)


Hehe alright see the rest of you at the launch tomorrow! :))

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