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So we have been pretty busy shifting out of our old office and into our spanking new one!!! (MEGA HAPPY ABOUT IT)!! I can't explain my happiness for the new office ^^

If you know me well enough, you'll know that I am usually not somebody who'll vent/rant my unhappiness out here and I am a usually pretty tolerant person BUT if I really do so it means that you have reached my ultimate patience/ limit/ tolerance.

Top reasons why having your own office beats sharing with other people 
1. A place to call your own
2. You can do whatever you want in the office (e.g. You can use as much toilet paper as you want)
3. No office politics
4. You can still do whatever you want in the office

Yeah man!!!  I believe in karma so what goes around comes around! With a clear conscience and mind, we'll move on to a happier 2013!! :)

So anyway, this comes really late, but OTD for lace serenade dress!!!! We were really afraid that this dress wouldn't come in time for CNY but I am glad it did!! Really liked the back design alot! My original piece was a bodycon dress, but we decided to make it into a skater dress cut so that it'll hide our mini tummies during CNY! Hehe! Would you like to see it in a bodycon cut? ;) I think after 2012, we do have quite a number of customers who like bodycon dresses!! Falling into the Bree-style crowd wahahaha. I edited the photos with an expired film preset! Hope the photos are nice :D


Pretty peek a boo back!! (Just slightly!) And you can still wear a normal bra because the lace is quite thick! I was actually wearing a nude colored bra with bra straps, but you can't really tell right? ;) 

Matched it with our cute ASOS inspired rabbit satchel!! Hehehe.

Close up of the pretty lace! :) I love 3/4 sleeves now because it's so easy to wear!! Oh, we have an upcoming colored 3/4 sleeve skater dress in yummyyyyy colors!! Can't wait for our spring/summer launches!!!! 
This dress is selling fast off our retail racks! If you want it before CNY head down to Kissjane/Miyoc! I think it might be easier to get it at MIYOC ;) 

Some slots are still left from backorders though! Link below :) 

Bree and I went shopping the other day for studio materials!! OTD in TCL La'amour Lace Peplum Dress! :) 

I think this dress looks pretty as a top as well!
Might consider doing it into a top! Without the crossback details to make it a more basic staple in the wardrobe :)


So anyway, I had 2 hours to spare before heading down to Moojaa for steamboat dinner with the girls, and decided to go for manicure!! Headed to FEP and wahhh the prices are really jacked up during the festive period ): Paid $41 for express mani and pedicure? :(( </3 And I had to wait for about an hour because the nail salons were so packed! But nonetheless I got my pretty gold nails that I wanted!! If only I was able to do manicure myself ): Please tell me that it's nice :')

BAK KWAAAA!! I lovee bak kwa! Queued at bee cheng hiang for about 1/2 an hour to get these!! :) 

Just took off these images from instagram so if you are interested about my OTDS/random photos/life in tiny squares (haha), follow me on instagram!! ^^ (

Off to bed! Have a lovely reunion dinner :)

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