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As pixie Xinmei was leaving us (sobs) for her flight stewardess job, we decided to throw a mini farewell/XMAS dinner with the TCL Team! Haha we decided on Rong Cheng BKT at our office, because 

1. We were shifting offices and we'll probably come here less often :'(
2. We have been here for about a year BUT we have never had BKT together before?!
3. I think Bree just wants to have BKT (HAHA)

Anyw! This BKT stall is located at 26 Sin Ming Lane! Just right on the ground floor :) 
Let me tantalize your taste buds with the foodie pics!! Hahaha!


All of us ordered BKT except for Bree! She ordered the slice meat soup which is easier to eat actually haha ;) 

 My portion of BKT! We ordered the prawn paste chicken as well, but it was a little too salty :\
And the soup was alright! Not too peppery!
If you are really hungry, this reallyyyy makes a good meal :)

Prawn paste chicken wings! It was quite exp, like $12 for half a dozen chicken wings? 

Here's Xinmei!! Looking all happy with a solo shot :p

Bree and I!

Bree with the Xinmei and Huiee! She was trying to make me feel ostracized again by taking a picture with the pixies without me!! -.-

But hey!! I can take pictures with them too lehhh. LOLL Hahhahaa. 

Group picture!! Gonna miss Janelle the power email pixie and Xinmei the power packer lo. :(

And presenting to them their Xmas gifts!! All of them were so happy to receive the gifts ^^
Huiee received a naked santa xmas card and she was elated! HAHA so cute ah this girl!
Can you guess where the pink striped package came from? ;)

Was craving for something sweet so we headed down to Udders!
Perks of having a food street just right across the office.
Gonna miss this food street so much when we shift offices :( Bleahhh. 

Selca shots of Bree wahahhaa. Sis you very chio la ;)

Bree and Mel!!!

We ordered their pancakes and ice cream!
Hui Ee says their pancakes are to die for, and yes it's fluffy and nice!
Not too sweet, just right :) 


I love Udder's decor! So cuteee. 

Haha all of us busy on the phones ;) 

 Spent a long time chatting at Udders, talking about boyfriends, friends and work!!
Looking forward to our CNY dinner perhaps? ;) <3
I usually do up a post to sum up the previous year, but I shall get down to doing that maybe some time next week hahaha. (Hopefully I get down to doing it >< )

On a side note, we have an outdoor shoot this Wednesday!
So excited to shoot our CNY series! :D

Alright off to bed for a long day at the office tomorrow!!
Happy Monday everyone! :)

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