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Feeling recharged after a long CNY break!! Been resting at home the whole CNY period, watching running man and gorging myself on the awesome CNY goodies hehe. Running man is daebak! If you haven't watched running man before, YOU NEED TO WATCH IT! You can go to ;)

Since all photos from CNY dinner is with Bree, I shall live out my CNY holiday in squares again! :p

Pretty gold glitter nails that I did for CNY! Paid like almost 45 for this I think hahaha. 
 First day's OTD!! Wearing TCL's Crochet Blossom Dress in White :)
Kept the one in pink and couldn't resist this! Hehe. 

Ban naik! Or black jack! I only gamble once a year but this year my luck wasn't so good!
Even though I did score a few 21 points and a few ban naik..but I lost $10 haha.
My cap is $10!! If not it'll multiply to $100 by the end of the night. :(

 Day 2 OTD! Wearing upcoming TCL Studded Skater Dress (Gonna add this to my top list of favorite manfactured dress hehe) in Daffodil!! Mummy's wearing TCL Embossed Qipao! 
Her figure is damnnnn goood (y)(y)(y)

Home cooked food!!! Wheeee.
Love CNY dinners where we get to sit around, banter and eat super good (and cheap) food :)

Bree and I's favorite pair of flats!!
Worn this pair of flats till the gold part is dying already ):
We should be opening a second backorder for this :D

Attempting a daily OTD!
Monday in a super old double pocket top in Persimmon! :)

In upcoming TCL Topshop inspired 3 button shorts in blue! :)
 Comes in sunshine yellow, pink and white too! 

In lorraine high waist shorts and a polka dotted tank!
Paired it with my trusty studded front loafers in black hehe.

Pretty? :)

And this, is my favorite favorite favoriteeee image.
Enough said, I love pixar and up :')

Happy Monday everybody!!
Cheers to a new week ahead :)




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