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Yipee it's Saturday! And since we do not need to head out to the suppliers' today, shall post some BTS for our last outdoor shoot!!

As usual, we woke up bright and early for our morning shoot! I think I have got quite used to waking up at 6am for morning shoot hahahaa. Anyway, we worked with Melvin from Multifolds Photography for this shoot!! It's quite a new style from our previous photoshoots, hope you'll like the photos as much as we do!! :)

Guess our shoot location? ;) Pretty easy to guess lah huh haahaha. 
The crazy avatar looking things at Gardens!!
If you are wondering why the picture looks under exposed etc, it was actually totally black cos of the gloomy weather and I had to edit the curves for this pic! 


Such a tranquil looking place :)

Sipei joined us for this shoot! :) 
Haha I think Cons and Sipei never laughed so much for a shoot before!
Melvin really tells funny stories to make them laugh ;)

Cons and Sipei wearing our TCL Crochet Blazer, TCL Petals Top and TCL T Bar Suede Sandals!
Yes full fledged manufactured collection coming up! ;) 

Look at Sipei's expression hehe.
I think Melvin was telling Sipei to tell Cons what would she imagine Cons to be if Cons was a kitchen appliance!! 
Sipei replied: "Blender!"
HAHAHA I have no idea why :p

Say hello to our pretty models! :) 

Third outfit wearing TCL 3 Buttons HWS!!!
It's topshop inspired and in yummilicious summer colorsss! 
Love the fit and colors of it :) 

Models looking intense and fierce hahaha. But I didn't choose this set of photos though! 
There's a second set which I felt would bring out the shorts better :)   
<3 <3 
Cons is wearing an upcoming feather printed shrug too!!

 Time for TCL Crochet Blazer!!! 
Pretty crochet overlay blazer in Mint, Black and Cream!
Cons is wearing TCL T Bar Sandals in Camel and our TCL Rainbow Weaved clutch too!! :)

Sipei in Black!
She's super happy during this shot cos Melvin told her to imagine that her boyfriend is in the distance!
Instant light up for Sipei HAHA :p

 Photoshoot madness as always!
Big pile of mess around our photoshoot location!! 
Bree was dressed like an Aunty that day because she didn't want to be tanned so she kinda covered up whatever skin she could. HAHAA. 

 Such a pretty place, must definitely take OTD!
I am dressed in a polka dotted top from Cotton On and TCL Lorraine HWS! :)

 Full sneaks will be up on Facebook on Sunday!! Will post a sneak or two below at the end of the post for the outdoor photos :) 

Launching this pretty bustier frock next week too! :)
It's padded at the bust and comes with adjustable spag straps!
In light pink, light yellow, pastel green and bluee!

Close up of TCL T Bar Suede Sandals!
Keeping the Camel for myself since I have the black one already :)

And my lucky OTD for my driving test yesterday! Yes I passed!! So happy to have passed because previously I failed twice when I took private manual lessons before I finally switched to school auto lessons -.-
I thought I was going to fail again when the tester handed me back my PDL! ):
Thank goodness I passed!! Yayyyyy :D

Close-up of the pretty petals! :) 

And close up of our TCL HWS!

As promised, sneaks for the lookbook!! :)
I love how happy they both look ^^

 Have a great weekend babes! :) 
Formspring me if you are boredd! 

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