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Wheee ~~~ So just last week Bree, Cons and I headed down to Salon Vim to get our hair dyed for Loreal Professionel's newest Spring/Summer 2013 colors!! :D
This is the second time I had my hair dyed in Loreal Professionel's colors and I must say I am still amazed by the colors!!

 Their Spring/Summer 2013 colors are derived from the fashion trends, so don't worry you'll be super trendy in their new colors hehe ;) 

3 International Looks for SS2013!!
And because we are asian, the asian looks are created to suit our features/skin tone better! :)
My stylist, Katherine, chose the pop nature look for me! 

Here's me being super excited before the hair-dying session heehe. 

My long black hair which will turn brown in a while, with purple streaks! :)  

These are the 6 different ways to dye your hair for their SS13 collection!! 
My hair was dyed according to the "feminine wave".

It's really cool! They really create the shape that you see below at the top of your head haha.
So for mine, they take pockets of my hair and create the starfish shape haha. 
It's actually modelled after plants, but eh I don't really know what plant mine was so I'll just call it starfish shape ahh.
 Let's go for feminine wave ~~~ hehehe.

Looking like an alien here LOL.
Mine was quite complicated because of the shape of my highlight plus I added purple streaks which meant that my hair had to be bleached so that the color could be seen!

Here's the color palette for all the different types of color for your hair! 
Soooo many colors! Maybe next time I'll try green or orange LOLLL.

I mixed purple haze with shocking blue!
So it's not really like royal purple, but a little closer to violet!

After bleaching my hair, here's how it looks like!
I had golden hair for a few minutes hahahaha. :p

  Okay time to dye purple!!

Oh yeah do you see the purple color!!! Chio right hahaha. 

 And of course, after dying your hair you need to treat it so that it'll be soft and silky and not dry and grassy!

Here is Loreal Professionel's latest treatment - Cristalceutic, which will ensure that your color stays locked in your hair for up to 6 weeks! Keeping it soft and silky as well. :) 

The Cristalceutic hair mask!
The serum which is also very important to help ensure radiance in your hair. :)

 Getting my hair steamed for treatment hahaha.

And yay we are finally done!! :DD

Can you see the "starfish" highlights on my hair? :DD

Went to Topshop and took a selca of my pretty hair hehehe. 

And so my hair color went from this:

To this!!!! :DD
NICE RIGHTTT hahaha I really like my hair color alot! :) 
Bree said I look less sleepy and refreshed wheee!
Now I know why do people like to have their hair done professionel at salons haha the effect is different as compared to home solutions lolll.

More zipai shots of myself :p

If you are looking to get your hair dyed, you can head down to Salon Vim 313 at Somerset, and my hair stylist is Katherine! :) 

Go try Loreal Professionel's latest Spring/Summer 2013 colors!! Really good!! :D
Special thanks to Loreal Professionel and Salon Vim for this awesome experience! :DD

AND visit L'Oreal Professionel's Facebook Tab about their SS13 Colors here!

 OOTD of me in Upcoming Embroidery Front Top and TCL Premium Vintage Florals HWS!! :D
The material and cut of the shorts is fabbbbb and if you wanna try it, it's already stocked in at ALL our retail racks! :)

Available in purple and black!

Close-up of the chiooo shorts hehe.
It's modelled after my own pair which I bought from the UK last year!
Featuring 4 buttons, comes in sizes XS to XL! :DD
And close-up of the pretty florals! 

Look out for sneaks of this collection coming your way!!
Featuring many TCL manufactured apparels, including a pony printed peplum dress! (So cute!)


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