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*EDIT 23/4*
The leaflet shown below shows the true cream-moisturizing bomb but the product reviewed is true cream-aqua bomb, and they are entirely two different products! :) However, both products are equally awesome for dry skin! :D

Do you recall seeing this pretty shop at the corner of Wisma Atria, near Cotton On? ;) I remember vividly that the shop had just opened and their staff were giving out Belif sample sachets!! 
So I was really happy when they emailed us to ask if they could sponsor our customers samples and gift prizes!! :D 

So what is Belif? Belif is a skincare brand from Korea that is well-known for their Napier's Formula used in their moisturizer! The ingredients they use are traditional and herbal -> Which means that no synthetics preservatives, dyes, mineral oil, fragrances etc which will be used on your skin! Au naturale ~~

Their best selling products are their eye care mask and their true cream (which works like a moisturizer bomb!!)

 Pretty packaging you can see here!

Here's the eye care mask!
This product retails at $39.

I have never used an eye care mask before as I have only used eye creams! 
The texture of this mask is thick but when you apply it onto the skin it seems to seep through! :) 

Took a dab of it and applied it on my skin! Because it's quite thick, I don't have to apply alot on it, just a little bit will do! :) We all suffer from terrible dark eye rings that look like panda eyes due to the fast paced society that we are living in, so this little jar of goodness will do our puffy eyes good! Hehe.

Authentic, true benefit, herbal and safe to use!! (Y)(Y)

It even comes with a product leaflet to teach you how to massage your eyes to reduce puffiness and dark circles! :) 

*EDIT* Previously I had mentioned that the true-cream aqua bomb could last up till 26 hours, but it is actually the true-cream moisturizing bomb which could last up till 26 hours, and these are entirely two different products! :)

And this - True Cream-Aqua Bomb is really the bombbbb!! After applying it on you can instantly feel that your skin is super moisturized!! I have been using this on my Europe trip and my skin doesn't feel dry in the chilly weather! :)

A pot of moisturizer bomb hahahaha.
This product retails at $54.

It's very smooth and easy to apply on, and seeps into the skin!
Not sticky at all! :)

You can see that this lotion can be a little thick, but when you apply it onto your skin it seeps into it and disappears in a while! :)

This cream is reallly reallyy good for dry skin!
I have super dry skin haha and if I say that this cream really works, it means that it really works!!

This is the original leaflet about the true cream-aqua bomb! Please do refer to this leaflet instead of the previous one! :) This cream is clinically proven to hydrate your skin by 18% moree!! :D

So..if you want to walk away with a set of belif products, simply "Like" and "Share" !!
3 sets of (worth $49.80 per set):First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask 25ml /
The True Cream – Aqua Bomb 10ml/ $5 voucher will be given away!
First 200 shoppers from the collection tomorrow will also walk away with a set of (worth $15.90): 
 First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask 3ml/
The True Cream – Aqua Bomb 10ml/ $5 vo

All you have to do is:
1. "Like" and "Share" Belief facebook page here
2. "Like" and "Share" TCL Fondue Colors Album here
3. Send in your snapshots to with subject header "TCL X Belif Giveaway!"

 We hope you'll like these products! :)
If you find that these products work for you, you can head down to their retail stores to get a bigger bottle! Hehe.

Belif Singapore is located at:
Wisma Atria #B1-64 (Tel: 6836 6409), Plaza Singapura (New Wing) #01-61 (Tel: 6884 8662)

Ending off with selca shots of myself with the cute belif jars!! :)

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