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Hello weekends!! Hope your weekend has been going great! Hehe. 
And so for the last post I mentioned that my senior sent Advanced Genifique over to me to let me try it! :) Didn't review it together with Lancome's Mat Miracle Foundation because I wanted to apply it for 7 days to be able to give a better review! :) 

Advanced Genifique is a newer version of Lancome's Genifique! Of course, there are changes to this newer version (which will be better haha). 

I think most of the time, when we buy a facial product, we don't know what on earth are we buying in that small bottle!! It's really important to know exactly what goes on inside the product, and not just buy it blindly for the brand! I read somewhere that some high end foundation actually contained essential oils (which can lead to a bad breakout of your skin) and if you didn't read the ingredients section, you'll probably think "Oh this product must be great because it's from XXX brand." 

And so..Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate contains one key ingredient which will help you to reduce visible signs of aging! 


Okay if you studied biology previously, you'll know how important probiotics is!
It's really fascinating to know that this protein can work miracles on your skin!! 

So how does this protein (along with the other active ingredients that make up this concentrate) help your skin?

1. Skin is more elastic
2. Skin is more supple (firm!!)
3. Skin is more even
4. Skin is clearer
5. Skin is more radiant
6. Skin is smoother

If you previously purchased the genifique, this new version contains:

1. 40% more active ingredients (That increases the effectiveness of the product by about half!)
2. An exclusive self loading dropper which absorbs the perfect dose of genifique for your face
(which means that you won't waste the genifique! Just turn the cap and the genifique will be absorbed by itself! :D)

Okay that was quite a bit of information, shall go on with the pictures! 
Here are some pictures of the product! 

 The texture is really smooth! And it goes on the skin well, not too sticky or tacky.
Anti-aging miracle essence in a bottle ~~ Hehehe. 

So I took a before and after picture at Day one and Day seven!
I applied the concentrate only at night! :) 
All photos below are non-photoshopped!

Day One

 Day Seven

Okay you can't really see very visible differences from here, so I am going to post a zoom-in photo!
This is a close-up of the eyes! 

You can see that the spots on my face is visibly lightened! :D 
Those spots are accumulated from being under the sun too much AND for not applying sunblock bleahh. :(

 There's also a visible difference in my skin tone! 
It appears more radiant and smoother, less yellow ahhh haha. *yay*


After applying for 7 days, my skin feels more moisturized (definitely!). Skin is also visibly more radiant and smoother, spots are visibly reduced too. 
However, for the lines on my face, the differences are not too visible yet!
I think I'll see visible results after applying for 4 weeks! :)

The best thing I like about it is that it doesn't make my skin feel sticky, it's super smooth and brings radiance to my skin! :D

You can apply this concentrate after applying your toner, and even apply other serums after that!
It'll be better to apply the other serums after applying this, because it helps to absorb the other products better!

So if you are interested to purchase this concentrate, just head down to any Lancome counters today and ask for a sample to try if you want!

Okay that was quite a wordy post, thanks for reading till the end haha.
Time for me to go get my luggage ready because I'll be away in Europe from tomorrow onwards!

I'll try to blog while I am overseas though! :D
In the meantime, give Bree lots of support because she'll be handling TCL herself these 3 weeks okay! 

And formspring is still up and running (lol) so I'll stick to formspring instead of heh.

Tata ~~!

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