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It is only 2 days away from 2014!!
Omg time flies. :(
Sorry for the lack of updates! 
Ever since Glen has been back I have been spending time with him and we take quite a few photos of the places we go to..but I just haven't had the time to post a proper post!! 
Anyway, here's the backlog of photos from Xmas! :)


Received a Xmas box of goodies from a dear friend Yen!
She's going to open her own bakery shop one day I tell you haha. 
Her pastries have such a personal touch to it! :)

This matcha was my favorite!!!

Thanks again Yen for the Xmas gift box! :D


Received Brand's InnerShine media kit!! :)
They have just launched a special collagen treat!
It's quite yummy and I really like how the kit contained all things purple hehe.
You can find Brand's InnerShine Collagen Pack at all major stores now!


TCL Dinner at our humble office!
We have shifted out of our last office for almost a year.
So glad that we have an office of our own.
Even though our office might be a little messy (haha), rental is higher than our previous one but there is nothing like a place to call your own where you are free to do whatever you want and not have to fight with other people for space etc. and their inconsiderate demands haha.

Anyway, we ordered PIZZAAA from Canada 2-for-1!!!
Wanted to order Dominos and they kept insisting that they don't deliver to our office BUT they deliver to the block just right opposite our office.
What kind of service is that?! 

The old birds with the newest member to the team, Kaylene!

Super old birds!
Haha Xm actually headed straight to our office after she touched down at Changi Airport.
Awww. :')

And the feast begins!

This Huiee and Steph totally hijacked my camera. HAHA I am going to post all of them on the blog muahahahahaha. And yes if you spot something you like in the background, they are coming up in our CNY launches! :)

HAHA sorry I just have to pose like this sometimes...but to make up for it I have a normal picture with Janelle too! :) 

We had a gift exchange this year and the pixies were happily opening their presents!! :)

Xmas tree specially drawn by meeee. :D

Huiee with her happy loots!
Can you believe it but Steph and Huiee both actually bought similar gifts from the same shop..but thank goodness they didn't pick each other for their gift exchange!

Aww TCL facial masks! ;) 

Team TCL!
Missing a couple of people but nonetheless, thank you everyone for coming and for helping TCL this whole year!! Hehehe. 

The photos hereon are all taken by Huiee and crazy Huiee and funky Huiee with her special accomplice Steph and Janelle. HAHA.  

Aiyo so cute ahhh!

XM looking adorable wearing the cute beanie we got for Janelle! :)

And this marks the end of our TCL Team Dinner, looking forward to our CNY dinner! :)


I had my eyelash extensions done at Covo Singapore a few days before Xmas!
It was my first time doing extensions and I decided to try Covo Singapore!
Don't really have much pictures but I like how natural my eyelashes are. :)

After the session, Glen and I walked over to Mu Cha Chos to try out their burritos!

A simple menu on their wall!
I like the interior design of the shop. Love places with such bulbs hanging from the ceiling haha.

The burritos were pretty good I must say! Along with the tortilla chips. :)
The burritos were juicy and the rice was just right.
They also have different sizes so if you have a smaller appetite like me, order the smaller one!
They cost 9/12 respectively!

Happy us with happy food! :)  

OTD for the day!

Bottom: TCL  Lunar Skorts in Red (Upcoming)
Shoes: New Look 
Bag: Balenciaga

I know quite a few people have been asking about these skorts!
They'll be launched in our first CNY launch of 2014! Hehe. Comes in sizes XS to L and in red, cobalt, off-white and black! :)

Some BTS of my mini OTD photoshoot HAHAHA.

"Dah did you get my shot?"

"Dah take the shot with just my skorts and shoes."

"Are you listening Dah?!!"

"Obviously you are not. -.-"

"Okay at least I got my shots and we got a nice shot together. :)"

Spotted a white Xmas tree at Glen's house!
And this boy over here is photobombing my photos!! Hahaha.

Here's Jake and I! Jake used to bark at me every time he saw me but gradually he stopped barking (yay!).

We headed to Shrimp's house for our annual Xmas gathering! :)
Huge Xmas tree in Shrimp's house!

Look at the photobooth props which Jiaen handmade!! :D

FOOOD. Every year, I think our menu gets better and better hahaha.

Photos with the girls! :)
I am really blessed to have met this bunch of girls from NYGH!
Even though we have moved on to our next phase in life, I am glad we still keep in constant contact with one another!

And so the girls were complaining that my photo-taking skills CMI and that Glen takes better photos now. -.-

Photobooth taking time hehe.

HAHA I love WH's expression in this one LOLLL.

Awwww. :')

Haha I love my friends! Always so spontaneous. :)


Log cake from Bakerzin!

Group photo!! :)

And...we started our crazy game of Heads-up Charades.
PLEASE go download it from itunes if you are looking for a game to play during your parties!
It is hilarious I tell you haha.

I think this was the word "Smile" which they had to express on their faces hahaha. 

And to show you how Heads-Up Charades is like, here's a video! :)
Basically the person guessing will have to place the iphone / ipad on their forehead and guess the word correctly! :) 
I laughed sooooo hard, especially at the part where all three of us simultaneously fell down together!!

A last pic with the girls! :)
Thank you for having us Shrimps!

I hope all of you had a great Xmas with your love ones! :)
Enjoy the rest of 2013!
Will be back with a post before 2014 (hopefully hahaha)!

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