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It's past 12 midnight on 1st Jan 2014 and what a coincidence for me to be dedicating my 100th post to sum up the year! :)

2013 was a crazy year of ups and downs. 
I tried to search for my last 2012 post but I couldn't find any that summed up the year before haha. 
Since I document my life with tiny squares now, I'll sum up the best times of my year with my pictures from IG too in chronological order! 
Have also included the caption of the photo below it! :)

1. TCL CNY Collection.
I will never forget this gorgeous lookbook we had, where Bree called me in the morning to say that she was sick for the shoot and I had to ask Steph to join me at the last minute. So glad that this shoot turned out well! Our 2013 CNY collections also taught us that we needed to prepare for CNY collections way beforehand, which explains why this year our CNY stocks all arrived super early! :)
Talking about CNY, I am also reminded of the times in our old office nearing CNY where our pixies had to pack parcels amidst all the rubble in the old office and how they had to endure all the dust and construction going on (all thanks to some people). 

Thank you to our awesome models, photographers, behind-the-scenes pixies for working hard with us this whole year! We at TCL have some plans in 2014 and we hope that you girls will like what we have in store for you! :) 
All my favorites in one collection!! Wanted to blog about the shoot but shall squeeze it in tomorrow (hopefully)! Giveaway up on @theclosetlover and sneaks up on Facebook!! Mega loving the lookbook 
2. TCL Humble Office

Enough said - Our spanking new TCL office muahahahaa. 
Believe me when I tell you that Jan and Feb were the most trying times of TCL...I think Bree and I didn't sleep properly for a few months because we were worrying about so many things. 

There were so many things to settle and I am really glad that we managed to pull through!
Karma is a bitch and I can only say that good things happen to good people with good thoughts (oh yeahhh~~~).
Moving in progress! ✌#theclosetlover

3.  OTDS

I must say that the evolution of OTDs has been pretty amazing with the help of various photo-editing apps like VSCO, Afterlight and with new age technology like wifi enabled SD cards!!

Oh gosh haha I must dedicate a part of my 2013 summary to my OTDs taken over the year!
You can search #bertdressesup to see my super old OTDs and it has been a joy taking OTDs because it reminds me of my old TCL modelling days hehe. 

Maybe 2014 will be a year of taking OTDs with...instavideo? ;) 

Finally manufactured a 3/4 sleeved skater dress! <3 Coming your way next week on @theclosetlover !! :)

4. New Opportunities

This year, I am really thankful for the various opportunities given to Bree and I as TCL owners.
Salon Vim, Kering Skin, L'Oreal, Summur&Co. etc.

I have never dreamt of being sponsored before this and sometimes it can be quite stressful too!
What if our reviews are not well-received by our customers or what if we don't help to pull in sales for our sponsors?

It's not as easy as what some people think it is... behind every photo / blog post you see, we do put in effort to make sure that our photos are taken nicely and that we provide accurate information for our blogposts!

Thank you to all our sponsors who have believed in us and for giving us the opportunity to let our readers / customers know about the awesome brands. :) 

My second hair-dying experience for Loreal Professionel's spring summer 2013 colors!! :) I wonder how the outcome will turn out to be!

5.  Weddings + NYGH

This year, I also witnessed the marriage of my favorite teacher, Ms Yeo!
It was such a joyous occasion and I am really really happy for her.

 I am also glad that I went for NY Homecoming, which brought back fond memories of NYGH. :)

Blogged about Tim Ho Wan, Miss Yeo's Wedding and NYGH Homecoming!! :)

6. :)

2013 was also the year where I met Glen!
Both of us didn't expect to fall in love with each other but hey fate works in a funny way sometimes.

Ever since I have met Glen, I have never been happier.
You may say that I am pda..mushy.. and I am sorry if I have come across this way but I am not trying to show off my r/s or whatsoever, but because I am genuinely happy!
Being happy just makes me want to share my joy even more. 
Glen has brought out the kid in me (like seriously) haha but oh well I am still young anyway LOLL. 

Thanks Dah for everything and here's to a better 2014 for us! :) 

Thank you @glen_coco11 for the handmade cranes and decor and getting my favorite minions ❤

7. Friends

 Every year, I am thankful for friends because I am blessed to have met friends who have stuck through thick and thin.

Friends who make me laugh and cry.
You may not be inside the picture below, but you know who you are! :) 

To all my old (and newfound friends), thank you for listening to my rants and keeping in contact after all these years.
May all of you have good health and happiness in 2014 too! :)

Good catching up session with my adorable JC mates for dinner last night! Some things never change hahaha 😉😉 @squashedtomato

8. Family

I don't have a full family photo on my IG haha so here's the one I took with Mummy this year for CNY!
My dad doesn't like to take photos very much and Bree was late for lunch that year so she wasn't in this picture!

I am thankful that my family has also stuck through thick and thin this year.
Blood runs thicker than water, and if you have any doubts about your family, believe me when I say that they'll definitely not leave you behind when you are in trouble.
Mummy looking resplendent in @theclosetlover embossed qipao!! Wish I had such a good figure like her 😭 Me in one of our upcoming dresses which I can't wait to launch!! Hehe. Happy cny!!!

What's the greatest takeaway that I have this year?
I don't have one, but I have two!

One door closes and another door opens. 
Don't give up when something comes crashing down because something good will definitely come your way. I always believed that all things happen for a reason. So hang in there and you'll find your way out soon enough!

Good things happen to good people with good thoughts. 
I believe in Karma! If you always have negative / bad thoughts, you are not going to be happy and you tend to be in bad situations.
But if you have good thoughts, good things will happen to you naturally!
Happiness is a choice, so make the right decision today! :)

Here's wishing all my readers a happy 2014 and may all good things happen to you lovely people. :) 

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