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It seems like my blog is being neglected but no I have been blogging on dayre!!

If only I could transport my dayre posts to this blog too!
Will find a way to do so if I can!
You can find me on dayre at

Anyway, I am here to share my experience with Caring Skin and Salon Vim, along with some food hunts!

 1. Caring Skin
360 Orchard Road, #07-07A International Building, S238869

This is my second time heading to Caring Skin and I decided to bring Glen along as well!
It's his first time having a facial done! ;)
I think sometimes guys can be a little shy when it comes to facial because it's not really a guy thing to do, but times have changed and there are so many facial products for men and most beauticians offer facials for men now! 

Facial also helps to reduce your pores / pimples and solve your acne problems if you have serious ones! 

Us at Caring Skin!

We had a couple room where you can see your other half during facial too!
There was another couple who had just finished their facial before us!

Haha Glen is actually quite afraid of pain when it comes to getting his pimples squeezed, but he said that there was not much pain at all!

The beauticians at Caring Skin are really gentle, and no marks are left on your face after squeezing your pimples because they use the proper tools and techniques to do so! (Y)

Both of us had a mask which contained Retin-A done first to reduce the bumps on our faces and improve overall face appearance. 

It has a slight tingly feeling when it's applied to your skin! My beautician also gave me a shoulder massage while I had my mask on hehe. 

Their shoulder massage is awesomeeeee.

Thereafter, we proceeded with the extraction of pimples / whiteheads / blackheads!
It's a little too much to handle if I were to take photos of my extraction so no photos!
But I can assure you that it is almost painless and if you feel any discomfort at any time, you are free to let the beauticians know!

There was also ampoule applied on my face after that, before we ended off with another mask!
There were 3 types of mask on my face, but I can't remember the last one! ):
There was chlorophyll mask, rose mask and the last one!

Both of us feeling refreshed after our facial!
My skin is considered dry skin with oily T zone!
Glen's condition for his face was apparently quite bad haha so he has to make a trip down again when he's back! 

With Sabina, the owner of Caring Skin! :) 
Thank you for such a wonderful service and for clearer skin too! 
There's a promotion going on with Caring Skin!
Quote "bertillawong" to enjoy a facial at $68 which includes a travel kit with the products below (usual price $38)!

This promotion is valid for first time customers only! 

This travel kit is a super useful kit because it comes with a cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer!
Glen has been using this diligently every day and he says that his face feels clearer and there are less visible pimples on his face!

One side of his face is super smooth now haha but the other side needs some more work on it. ;)

You may visit Caring Skin at or call them at 67377797 to book an appointment!

It's never too late to start on facial and pamper your skin! :) 


2. Salon Vim 

Headed to Salon Vim to get my hair prepped before CNY!
I don't have much pictures here because I didn't do anything new this time!

Opted for a shade which was just one shade lighter than my current color and snipped of my hair too! 
I also had the privy amino treatment done, and you can find out more details here in my previous

End result of my hair -> super soft hair!! :D

With Katherine, my lovely stylist!! :) 

Remember to quote "bertillawong" to enjoy 10% off all hair services!
Call them now at 68847757 to book your hair appointment today! :)


3. Nara Thai Restaurant
Ion Orchard, #B3-21

Glen and I tried out Nara Thai while we were at town for our facial!
Nara Thai has been voted the best restaurant in Thailand since 2006!

First up, tom yum soup with king prawns! (I think it was king prawns haha) 
It wasn't very spicy so it was still good!
But not the best tom yum soup I had as I prefer the clear type of tom yum soup. :\

Now this was heavenly!
It's soft shell crab in thai curry sauce!
Just order this will do hahaha (kidding).

 Bamboo wrapped chicken!
This was....mehhhh. 

Overall, not as good as it seems but I guess if you are looking for a more authentic thai restaurant in town you can try Nara Thai! :) 

Otd in TCL's Wavy Skirt in Lime  which is currently sold out! 
We still have it in black tho heh.

Happy day with Glen! :)   

A photo with the hugeee panda!


4. Gyu-Kaku
Holland Village

We were craving for bbq meat so off we went to Gyu-Kaku! :)
Here's my OTD for the day!

Outerwear: H&M
Jeans: Bershka
Shoes: New Look

Took off my jacket in the restaurant so that it wouldn't reek of oil! Haha. 
With Glen! :)

Foodie partner laine!! She looks so happy and cute here hehe.

 There are suction holes around the grill which is pretty cool!!

BEEFFFF. Yummms.

This udon which we ordered is superrr gooood.
The noodles were soft and the soup broth was just amazing, even though there was no meat inside!
Please order this when you are there. I think it's their plain udon!

The price of the beef can be quite expensive but it's really fresh and yummy!

Happy us after filling our tum tums! :)


5. El Patio
Holland Village

Met the girls for lunch during CNY! :)
Almost all the cafes were packed so we settled for El Patio! 
No names for the dishes we ordered because the girls ordered them as I was late haha.

This pasta was pretty good! My favorite out of the three dishes we ordered. 

With Sher! Looking as cute as ever. ;)

Tung and Sher! :)

With tung and jiaen! :)

And one with the girls! :)

Headed to the art science museum with Glen after that! :) 
My otd for the day!

Top: TCL
Bottom: Cotton On
Outerwear: H&M
Shoes: ASOS

I should be blogging about my time in Australia but I have been really slow at blogging on this platform so do follow me on dayreeee! Or my instagram @bertillawong because I post pictures daily. (almost) haha.

Here's wishing every one a happy valentine's / friendship day!!

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