Hundred and Seven.

7:38 AM


I am back from the land of Oz! Really wanted to blog on this platform but dayre makes it so much easier to blog nowadays and I don't have to edit 10001 photos to post on dayre hahaha. I promise that I'll still blog about my trip to Oz, but will probably just blog on Melbourne and some of my favorite food places in Sydney? I have over 1000 photos to sieve through so give me some time okay! Hehhh. Thanks for still checking back to this little space of mine! <3 

I was taking a shower and these thoughts just came into my mind so I had to blog it down, so here goes!


So Glen and I spent almost a month together in Oz, just the two of us (meeting his friends occasionally of course haha) and it was definitely a trip I'll never forget. :)

People often say that if you live with your other half and see them 24/7, you either make it or break it. I wasn't really worried about that though haha because I knew that both of us were going to make the best of this little time that we had. In fact, we were both super excited because for the first time, we actually spent more than 1 month together!!

Did we have fights? Of course we did! I mean which couple doesn't fight. We are as ordinary as other couples, we fight, we cry but we talk it out and make sure that we don't let the fight go on for hours / days.

I have never been happier and you know how some people say that you can just stare at someone's face for hours and keep smiling, that's what we do sometimes! Call it love sick / puppy love / infatuation but the fact is that I am in love! Some days, I wished that I could spam my feed with just photos of Glen and I (hahaha) but that would be too inconsiderate to the rest of my followers / readers and it'll be too much PDA hahaha.

You may call my PDA gross / disgusting / terrible but well you don't know how long this "honeymoon" will last! Some people said "See after one year they still like that anot." Why so pessimistic?!! So if after one year we aren't this way anymore I should take the chance and be more PDA now right?! Heh just kidding I am just really happy and contented to be living in these moments which is why I share my joy with everyone! 

So thank you, my dearest dah for putting up with my messiness, my tantrums (occasional ones lah), always putting me foremost (except when liverpool comes in haha) and for loving me the way I am and making me the happiest human in Bert's world. :)

Leaving all of you with a song that resounded with me when I heard it.

Good night and have a fabulous week everyone! 

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  1. Love reading your posts! My boyfriend and I were in a LDR (UK-SG) for 4 years, so I totally understand what a one month holiday can do (: All the best to both of you!

    1. Aw thank you dear!! All the best to the both of you too! :)


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