Hundred and Sixteen.

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Onto the final post of my Oz's road trip! Hoorayyy!
Glen has been constantly reminding me to update about the trip as it has been almost 3 months since I got back but well I have been slowly updating so that I can be in time for my next overseas trip? :p

A basic recap of the route for our roadtrip:
Sydney -> Illawarra ->  Greenfield Beach -> Narooma -> Waratah -> Rosebud -> Melbourne -> Sydney 

Polperro Dolphin Swims
Sorrento pier, Esplanade
Sorrento VIC 3943

From Melbourne, we adjourned to Sorrento, which is near Mornington, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to take part in the dolphins and seals tour. 

Glen and I were both extremely excited about this tour because we get to swim alongside seals and dolphins. After researching on the internet, we decided to go with Polperro Dolphin Swims as we heard bad reviews about Moonraker's tours. 

 The staff who liaised with us was also really helpful and she even told us to postpone our dates because the weather forecast wasn't good on the original date that we wanted. You can be assured that they are not out to cheat you of your money!

Diving suits and equipment are also provided if you are opting for the swimming tour.
Alternatively, you can opt for the sightseeing tour and just stay on the boat all the time. 
I think I should have opted for that instead hahaha.
The tour takes about 3 - 4 hours, so you can plan to spend half a day out in the sea!

Both of us were feeling really excited when we started. :D

Minion colored flippers!

The skies were quite gloomy in the morning, but thankfully it didn't rain.

First stop - Australian Fur Seals!
Did you know that a seal can weigh between 200 - 300kg? 
Imagine how heavy their body is!

Okay I totally chickened out after going into the water because I didn't know how to use the snorkel. :(
I gulped a huge amount of water and became too afraid to enter the water again.
Hence, I ended up being the only one left on the boat, apart from one other instructor and the captain.
Glen was brave enough to swim up to the seals though. :)

Glen was really sweet because he knew I was the only one on the boat and swam back as fast as he could when they were done to make sure I was alright. <3

I was shivering like crazy even though I was in the water for barely 5 minutes hahaha. 
Hot milo was served later on to keep us warm. Towels were provided too! :)

After a gloomy morning, the skies turned blue and sunny towards the afternoon. 
Such a gorgeous, gorgeous sight.

Here's one of the instructors sharing her stories of the dolphins and her tours. 
The instructors have been doing these tours for almost 8 years or more!
Some of them have successfully captured photos of the dolphins, and they even know which dolphin is which.
Amazing isn't it? :) You can really tell that they have a deep passion for their job, just by the way they talk vividly about their experiences.

Here's mini me still feeling cold from the swim (which doesn't really count as one) earlier on. -.-

Time to spot the dolphins!
I think we were really lucky because we managed to spot quite a few dolphins. :)

Here's one with their calf!

These dolphins each have a unique fin, and no two fins are identical!
This is how the instructors recognize the different dolphins. :)

Here is a video which I managed to capture of the dolphins jumping and gliding through the sea. :)

Even though I didn't swim with the dolphins, I had a wonderful time just looking at them gliding through the water. It felt surreal to actually see them jump up from the water, just right in front of me! I highly recommend this tour to anyone who is heading down to Mornington! :)

Brighton Beach
Brighton VIC 3186, Australia

So most of you should have seen these colorful huts on my instagram, but actually the ones that I posted were from Mornington! Glen and I actually went to both beaches and I must say that Brighton beach was quite disappointing. Please go to the other beach mentioned below instead! 

The wind was howling so madly that I was literally screaming away too haha.


Mount Martha Beach North

This is the beach to go to for pretty beach huts!
They have a long stretch of it, and the huts are so much prettier than the ones found on brighton beach. This beach is located nearer to Mornington, so just google for directions!

These colorful huts really made my day hehe.

Spotted a family of sea gulls nestling comfortably on the sand!

My happy companion. <3

#ootd moment for Glen HAHA.
So I told him to pose without smiling so here it is! :b

My turn!
I had soo much fun posing with the beach huts.

We headed back to Melbourne for dinner after taking enough polaroid shots to last us for the ride home haha. 

Wat De Pho
212 Clarendon St, South Melbourne 
VIC 3205, Australia

Dinner was at Wat De Pho!
This chain of Vietnamese restaurants is apparently really popular in Thailand.

Loved the interior. <3 
There's just something about hanging lights which make the place instantly cozy and warm.

Tried their rice wrap roll!

It was pretty alright, nothing too fantastic. :\

Ordered beef pho and this was yummy!
I just love anything soupy and warm, and if there are beef slices inside, I love it even more hahaha.

And so this marks the end of my Oz road trip to Melbourne!
I hope those who read this will have an idea on how to plan your Melbourne trip. :)

You are welcome to ask me on ASKFM if you have any questions for your road trip.

Good night lovelies!

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