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In the midst of editing photos for the launch tmr, but I decided to do a short post! :) The house internet is killing me though, can't get used to it because the NUS network was like 10,000 times faster than the one at home!!! Grrrrr.

Here are some of my favorites!!! Really loving this sweet pastel piece!!! When I first saw the images because I wasn't there at the shoot I told Bree I had to keep this hehe :p Actually I really liked alot of the tops in this collection but our wardrobe is bursting so I can't keep too many items ): And I just shifted back home so I hadn't had the chance to wear this out yet!! ):

Tinkerbell top comes in 4 colors! Be spoilt for choice hahaha :p But this my favorite!! Cream/peach!! :)

Polly dotty shorts!! In green and mustard :) We wanted to launch these shorts a long time ago but kept delaying it till now! The shorts is textured, with stitched dots "popping" up hahaha. I don't know how to really describe it, but it's really nice! :D

MEMOIRS RUFFLED TOP! <3 <3 I think I don't need to say much about this top, haha Bree kept yellow, white and periwinkle (from the first batch) and I kept orange and navy! Wah we have like 5 colors of the same top in the same wardrobe -.-

We decided to do some basic colors like navy because some customers requested for basic colors! Hope you girls will like the colors okay! Received plenty of compliments when I wore it out the other day :)

Anyw I am trying out this new image editor for personal pics, picasa!! Used to use photoscape, if you are using a windows computer, please download photoscape instead!! Picasa is horrible the vignetting effect is too strong ): Plus I don't like how their cross processing turned out ): Maybe if I have time to explore lightroom I'll try to edit via lightroom! But please bear with the photos first! ):

Bree and I had to recce a cafe for the shoot we just had last Sunday, here are some photos! Going out with Bree is a major hassle. Firstly, she asks me to dress nicely (hahaha), so I got up early to get ready! Secondly, she asks to meet at 2pm. In the end, she woke up late and shifted back to 5pm. THENNN she saw star awards show on tv and she got all excited about it and in the end we met at 8pm!?! -.- Stupid Bree!! Made me wait for so long -.- I got so exasperated but luckily I have a good temperament (hahaha) if I had made Bree wait for me for so long she'll be sure to scream at me :p

Salmon salad!! Hmm not very nice actually :\ But the mango is delicious :)

Champagne roses!! Fake ones tho hahaha :p

Me doing a series of stupid faces. Lalala ~~

 Our furniture finally arrived!!! Shipped all the way from overseas!! BUT we didnt expect them to ship them in....crates haha -.- The crates may look small here, but in real life, they are super sturdy and huge!
Mel took a few hours just to unpack one crate, and a hammer was bent in the process haha. He had to go and buy an electric saw just to saw open the crates! My goodness. When all the furniture is up I'll show more pictures! :)

Unpacked pile of stocks :\\

The *quite* neat warehouse haha. Bree and I took about 10 hours to unpack and pack everything into the warehouse ): Well at least we have a proper stocklist now :)

We ordered dominos pizza for dinner!! First time ordering from their website. It's kinda cool, they'll even show you the process on their website from "preparing" to "delivering"!!! Plus they have offers now! The pizzas were so-so, but their drumlets were awesome! Try it some day if you have a craving for chicken drumlets :) 

Oh, if you don't know, I have a formspring (! Ask me if you have any questions but Bree mostly handles the launch questions hehe. I can give you a second opinion on the colors that I prefer for the collection's items :)

Okay bye bye off to clear more emails and finish up the photos!! Remember to catch our launch at 830pm later!!

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