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Time flies!! It's been almost 3 weeks since exams last ended and...2 days to the release of exam results! Which determine whether I graduate or not (haha). Of course, I hope that I have passed all my modules this semester, if not I'll be unable to graduate! Received the invite to commencement email the other day, and even though I don't really want to go for convocation (because you have to wait for 1000+ other people on stage before it's your turn), my dad asked me to go so well, I guess I have to go for convocation! ): Graduation isn't really such a big thing to me because what happens after this is so much more important and valuable than graduation, no doubt even though the certificate will prove to be useful in the future haha. 

I have this sudden urge to blog, but I have nothing to blog about!! ): So..I'll just blog about my faves from the upcoming collection and OTDS :p Yes, we are back and launching tons of new designs this coming Tuesday, at 830pm!!!

It's a floral galore with plenty of tops, plus a manufactured dress in this collection! (: 

Floral printed jeans!!! I can't really carry off jeans very well, but a pair of floral printed jeans is something that you have to get. In light floral prints, Bree really loves this pair!! Sadly, I can't wear jeans very well ): Cons is wearing our upcoming manufactured lace top as well :) Close up of the prints below!!

Knit top coming up as well! Bree has worn this outfit like umpteen times! It's under our premium range and made of extremely comfy and quality knit, with a chiffon underlayer! And the jeggings that Cons is wearing will be launched as well!! In the same fit and cut as our everyday jeggings :)

Cut-in Skater dress in Red!!! This was actually a CNY design but it's a lovely dress to wear to a casual date (: We wanted to launch it for CNY but due to us moving offices and being unable to find this pile of stocks, we were unable to launch it!!! ): So glad it's finally going to be launched hehe. 

Another one of my favorites!!!! Reversible tank in heart prints with nude pink on the other side!! Reversible tops are value for money, because you get two tops in return! :p

Haha take a look at Cons and Bree!! I have no idea what they are doing haha because I wasn't there at the shoot. Bree said SK had asked Cons to do sth, and Cons gave that face HAHA.

There are plenty more items to be launched on Tuesday! Wait for Bree to blog! I think I am terribly terrible at blogging sigh hahaha. I guess I'll just post OTDS then! :)

Penny crochet top in Mustard! Pretty crochet details :)

Avant Garde Printed Top! This print was one of our hot sellers in the past collections ;)

Doves Printed Skater Dress in Black!

Watercolor Printed Shorts! To be launched in the upcoming collection as well :)

My fave bag of the moment: ALDO Floral Printed Sachet Bag! :)
I actually don't really have a keen eye for bags, unlike Bree, but this bag really caught my eye!
Bree says I look like an obasang when I carry this, but whatever I am still carrying it out!!! hahaha.

It's definitely every girl's dream to have a walk-in wardrobe!!
Just look at the amount of shoes and clothes!!! :o

 Okay, off to bed!! Good night everyone! :)

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