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Hello! Been on livejournal for wayy too long, and since Bree and almost everyone is not on livejournal anymore, I have decided to move (and hopefully revive) this dying blog on blogspot instead! Used to blog regularly in secondary school but as I grew older, I lost the zeal for blogging hahaha. Preferred to write things down instead ;)

But anyw! I have finally graduated! (Shalalalala~~~) It's been a speedy 3 years for me in NUS. Can't say that it's the best time of my life, because my best times were still in NYGH :) But I forged new friendships and created memories which I will remember for a long time to come. Just some photos that I digged up from facebook :p I think I can sum up my NUS life in three words : Eusoff - FASS - Eusoff. Hahaha eusoff makes up a big bulk of my uni life.

Best FASS OG I ever had! If yaou ever decide to go for a FASS course in NUS, you definitely have to go for arts camp! It's the best camp - ever hahaha ;) Try to spot me. I think I look like a chao ta :p

Eusoff! What can I say? Soo many memories in Eusoff that I have! Thank you for all the friendships that I have forged, all the tears and laughter I had these three years. I think I have seen the worst of inner demons in Eusoff oops heh.

DEEPEE! I love EH deepee because after every performance, it's just so worth it to spend all the time and effort practicing. And it's only during dp that you get to see such antics behind in the dressing rooms HAHA :p

Eusoff Expeditions. Definitely my best experience in Eusoff haha. Met good friends such as lynette and siteh, who are such awesomely capable people it's amazing haha. Miss the kids so much too ):
I wonder how are they doing right now, and I wished I could get to meet them again. 

Special mention to bb for laughing and crying with me these three years (and sorry for all those trouble I caused you ;)) HAPPY FOR YOU NOW hehe. :p

Right that pretty sums up my uni life! Yay to facebook for keeping all the images that I was tagged in heh. 

As some of you have asked, yes I have graduated and will be devoting my time fully to TCL! 
Hopefully this can help to ease the burdens of Bree haha who complains that I am always MIA-ing (which is not true because half the time I am replying emails in school okayy). If you think that emails are replied faster now yes it probably is!! :D 

Anyw, I am sorry but I haven't gotten the hang of blogging yet so I hope I don't sound too boring BUTT I guess I'll just spam instagram pics! I have been pretty active on instagram so if you haven't followed me on instagram you can find me @bertillawong :) 

Pretty weaved sandals that just arrived but it's one size too big ): Got to insert two foot paddings inside zzzz hahaha

Love this ring! Bree got it a long time back. We were playing around with nail colors that day and I wanted to jazz up my nails so I wore this ring hehe

POLKA DOTTED NAILS <3 With sesame street toys for props! Heh. Inspiration for nailart from @ivmouse (follow her on instagram!!! she does awesome nailart :))
Oh btw, I didn't do this myself, wonderful Brianna Wong did it!!! 
Maybe you can engage her if you want :p

OTD for dinner! One of our old items that was launched a while ago, I love this dress because I don't need to accessorize much (PLUS) the best part is...I don't really need to iron it cos of the fab material!!! HAHA. Sorry la lazy girl over here :p

Mousepad! Guess how much it was? It was on sale!!!!
Okay here's the answer: $1 :DD

In the mood for florals! Pardon me for the messy background because my room is always in a huge mess!! The thought of having to move out tmr is just disastrous :O :O 

Bree and I needed to recce this shoot location (where we just had the shoot today!!) and so she told me to dress up nicely so here I am!

It's 317 AM now and email count is zero!!! If you don't receive a reply from us it means that we either have to check our inventory tmr so we'll get back to you tmr :) But all payment verification emails have been replied! :)

Okay off to bed!!! Be sure to catch our launch this week because we are launching many prettty apparels hehehe :) 

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