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OTD Post!

TCL Fullhouse Maxi in Wine Red! <3 We tried a new color palette, hope wine red will appeal to you girls! Well, it appeals to me and Bree ;D

Fullhouse Maxi comes in sizes, and in Black and Bondi Blue as well! :) Classic colors! 

Also in today's launch, Side Pocket Top in Pastel Blue!!! <3 <3 This top was snapped up on the racks the moment we stocked it in KJ hehe. Specially manufactured by TCL as well :) I like this shot because we happened to find some toy guns on the cupboard, and Cons just took it up and started to pose like this HA. Comes in nude and white as well!!

Also featured in this collection, floral trimmed denim shorts! No introduction needed for this pair of shorts! But the floral trims are done in lilac pastel colors for the florals! Pretty :) 

Check out the rest of the collection on our Facebook sneaks!!! 

Some random photos: Upcoming colorblock collared top in Magenta and Navy!! Looks like hot pink here haha. And we finally managed to print out labels for our addresses, so hopefully this will reduce the errors that can occur due to manual writing of addresses! :) 

Okay off to clear the emails!! Tata!
Formspring at if you have any questions, or Bree's at ! :)

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