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Oh man it's Sunday which means it's the start of the work week :(  Another tiring but fulfilling week ahead! :)

Went for L'oreal Professionel Coloring Treatment Session in collaboration with Monsoon, but I'll blog about it next week! On to some OTDs, all taken with my trusty G12 :D Really loving my cameraaa <3

Britney Tube Skater Dress!! Wooh! Inspired by Topshop :) I matched it with my fave blazer and cambridge satchel bag in purpleee. Bree actually bought the bag like eons ago and I finally brought it out that day hehehe. We took a godzillion shots in the carpark! Since we took soo many shots I may as well feature them right? ;)

The following pics are edited using my Nashville alike effect on PS lightroom :)
Lovee the prints! And finally a tube dress that I can wear! But it's stretchy so it can fit up to a UK 8 I think :)

No filter shots! Just edited the contrast :) 

Cross-process in Blue Shots! Wahahaha :) 

OTD! TCL Studded Sleeve Top in Coral!!! It looks orange here cos of the lighting but it's coral :)
And FYI I burnt a hugeee hole in my top while using the iron!!! Thank goodness I was wearing my trusty HWS which covered up the hole :p

This top comes in cobalt blue, black, nude and coral!! Spring summer colors! And it's superrr comfy. Guaranteed a good buy hehehe :)

Aiya my moustache necklace in black is dom-ba-lak! Multi-functional necklace - GOLD and BLACK hehe.

Taken while Bree was testing the camera :p 

Close-up of the studs! It looks abit like matt gold, and the picture here isn't very nice, but the real piece is really pretty!! Sold on our racks like hot cakes too :D

Next OTD: TCL Birdie Cropped Top!! I love the material of this top! Worn it out quite a number of times already :) 

You can match it with a tank dress or tie it up and pair with shorts! Versatility for the win yoooo ~~
Comes in pastel blue, pastel pink, black and cream!! The colorful swallows is a really unique print! I haven't seen any colorful swallow printed tops as of yet ;) 

Okay on to carpark shots ;) I think our MVC carpark is going to be Bert's OTD photoshoot location soon :p 

Processed using Vintage Grandmother Lemonade Effect!! :) 

Can you see the double petal sleeves? <3 <3 

Many many more sneaks up on facebook! :) Check out our facebook here: if you wanna get a sneak peek of our collection!! 
We did an outdoor shoot the other day at scape park, but I'll blog about it another time when the photos are going to be up!!! Heh.


This song's been running on repeat all day on my computer haha.
Love's a beautiful thing.
Really thankful to have a bf who can withstand all the tantrums I throw at him, and never ever throwing a single tantrum at me before <3

Never expecting me to change and loving me for who I am.
Sometimes I wonder how can you not have expectations for your other half, but I guess if you really love someone for who they are, that's how it feels like :) 


Somehow, looking at this photo makes me inspired and positive haha. 
I love up :) 

 Found an instagram user who can cross stitch sooo well!! 
She cross-stitched this on her book! :)

Small sneak of our TCL upcoming Hooked Floral Top!! 
Cons immediately took one home when she saw this ;) 
I think Bree will be stocking this on the racks this week :D

Cheers to a sunny week ahead! :) 

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