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It's Sunday again ~~ Which means it's the start of the week le sigh :( So much work to do again! Rawrrrr.

Anyw, here's some BTS about our collaboration with Maybelline on the recent shoot!
Wilson had a different idea of shooting the place we were going, and so we decided to do a night shoot again!!! Wahahaha. 

Maybelline very kindly sponsored our makeup! Here's their MUAs working their magic on our models!! :) We did smokey eye makeup for both Cons and Sipei, and bright red lipstick for cons, and a nude shade lipstick for Sipei! And yes of course the MUAs were using LASHIONISTA mascara!! 
It's mega lash lengthening mascara okay hahaha. No falsies put on for our models for this particular shoot, because the mascara is good enough :D


Con's final look! :) 

Some of the makeup products that the MUA used! :) All maybelline products! The eyeshadow is really pretty and glittery hehe. A pity I can't really apply eyeshadow well bleahh. Even though I have a naked 2 palette, I suck at applying eyeshadow )):

Pretty duo eyeshadow palette!! Hahaha. 
 And of course, the legendary lashionista mascara!! The falsies mascara gives volume, while the lashionista mascara gives length :) 

 Sipei getting her makeup done! I like how the MUA adjusted the eyeshadow according to Sipei's eye contour, as her eye was more of a round shape than Cons, she couldn't have too dramatic eyeshadow on, if not she won't look too nice! It'll supposedly result in a "punched" looking face look hahaha.

Happy Models with Happy MUAS! :) Thank you Maybelline SG for the makeup sponsor!! 
You can check out their facebook fanpage here:
and even catch their video on how to use the LASHIONISTA mascara :)

And off to the shoot we went! We headed to ECP skate park, and oh boy there were many people skating around at night ): We managed to find a good spot to take the first set!

Take a look at this megaa huge hole hahaha. It looks shallow here, but it's actually quite deep in real life! ANDDD our models and I and Wilson had to climb into this hole to take the first set :ooo

To demonstrate how to climb in, there's an emergency ladder of course!! Cons was quite scared but heh we all made it in :D Had to take off their heels and make our way down slowly :)

Cons and Sipei looking all smiley after they have finally climbed into the hugeeee hole hehe.

Sipei rocking our upcoming TCL eyelet top and aztec printed skirt! :) 
We finally did a top in lilac!!! Wahahaha. Yay to lilac lovers ;)

Trying different positions to get a good pose! 

 Oh and yes we actually bought dry ice to create a smokey effect for the lookbook, but we failed horribly ): Hahaha lesson learnt! Next time just rent a smokey machine!!! We even prepared water and Wilson's brother was there to help us with the dry ice! But we still failed ): Though it was quite cool seeing the smoke emitting from the dry ice :p

This was the set where we were attempting to use the dry ice!

Getting the models to lie down for the shot! 

William (Wilson's brother) getting all ready and on standby mode to fan the smoke towards the models lol :p 

And tadah!!! There you go! Smokeee!!! :D But I don't think the shot was very nice cos Wilson didn't use this shot ): 

Quite cool eh? :p

Haha okay dry ice shot is over! Back to the ladder shot haha. 

It's not easy climbing a ladder with heels on :p 

But I guess we got our shots :) This is the second set which we haven't previewed yet!! Coming to you very soon :)) Oh, Cons and Sipei are wearing our TCL peterpan dress!! Another dainty dress to add to your collection! We have hot pink, orange and cobalt blue for this :D

If you haven't seen our lookbook, catch the rest on our facebook page!! Really loving how the night shots turned out nicely :) I was quite afraid that it'll turn out looking too dark, but it didnt! (Y)(Y)

And so, some OTDs of my fave pieces!! :) TCL Hooked Up Floral Top!

Attempting self-shots :p

Tried the "weng weng yan" look, but Bree said I failed );

I can actually see the color of my hair dye here!! Wahahaha.

Close up again of the pretty florals <3 <3 and hooked up details! This top is a UO inspired piece from a long time ago, but pretty things must share yea? ;) There's a functional side zip so don't worry about having to hook up all the hooks! You don't need to :p

Polka Dots Fever Dress!!! :) Edited the photos below with granny vintage lemonade effect hehe.

I was wearing the one in denim blue! Cute little frock! I think we haven't had a polka dotted dress in a long longggg time! :) Material is superb!!

And for our giveaway, we are giving away these pretty maybelline products!!! Clear smooth compact powder, baby lip balm and a lipstick!! Plus 3 lucky winners get to walk away with a featured item (either LASHIONISTA mascara, duo eyeshadow or hyperglossy eyeliner!!) :)

Follow us on instagram @theclosetlover for more chances!! Hehe.

Featured giveaway items! :) Aiyo I really like the eyeshadow color alot ):

Formspring me cos I am bored (sometimes hehe)!

Have a great Sunday babes! :)

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