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Yawnsss haha I am really tired as I am typing this! Therefore the pic above is a good image to start the post :p Anyw that's an old picture taken last week when I went to have my pretty nails done! Yay to tribal nails!! 

Managed to snap some photos of the process of painting tribal nails!! It's a really long process! If a manicurist does it for you for the first time, she might take 3 hours! But my manicurist was so pro and have done it so many times, she only took like 1 hour 15 mins! :) 

So how do you paint tribal nails? 

1. Find a tribal nail design (search tribalnails hashtag on instag)
2. Paint on base coat + first layer of colors!!! Basically it's painted by painting all the fingers with the white colored portions of the design, followed by green, pink etc etc.
3. Paint a double coat
4. Add in black outline lines
5. Paint topcoat

Sounds so simple right :p Here's the first step!! 

Half way through, it'll look like this!!! Hehe. Sorry it's abit blur ):

Rawr I am gonna eat euuuu. Hahahaha.

After adding in the black outline lines, the end product...TADAHHHH!!!! It's such a painstaking process to paint this design, but my manicurist said that she actually enjoys painting such designs! Challenging enough for her lolll hahaha. I don't think I have the patience to paint on such designs myself zzz.

It's so chio so I shall spam more pictures hehehe. So glad I chose bright neon colors for this look! Bree did it in pastels the last time ;)

Tribal x Tribal!! :) Bree's tribal iphone case from high society!!
And coincidentally I was wearing our tribal muse maxi in black for the day! Perfect outfit! Going mega crazy over tribal prints that day :p 

If you love tribal nails, hope this design will be a good reference for you!! :)

Since we are onto the tribal craze, let me introduce to you our TCL Aztec skirt!!! Hehe. :) I wore it like twice in a week hahaha. Matched it with TCL eyelet bustier for one outfit, and a colorblock knit top in another!

It's really comfy and in light cotton material! Non-sheer with inner lining!
In three colors: Orange, red and blue! Sizing runs from XS to M (I think! Or L heh)

In another of my fave TCL eyelet bustier! Waited eons for this design to arrive, but soo worth the wait man :) It's not too long, or too short to be worn as a top or tucked in under high waist shorts!

I looked so tired that day :'(

I headed to Aloy Thai for dinner with my girlies to send off yvette for her exchange! Aw she's going to have so much fun :) Food at aloy thai is great! But portion is small and of course, pricing is not as cheap as BKK ah but still nice!

<3 <3

Rach, vette and twinnie!! We all look so happy and young :'))

Haha vette was trying to stop huimin from taking her wallet because we were all fighting to be the one to foot the bill -.-

Vette: "Go away bert!! Don't take pictures of me!!!" (Me: HEH took alreadyyy :p )

With pretty rachel!! (:

QC-ing our photo taken on the iphone :p

I'll miss you vette!!! Hope you are having a good time :)
Some random photos taken with the cammie!
This is pretty awesome yummilicious marshmellow basic chiffon tanks in a whole array of colors!! (Omg such a mouthful) I couldnt decide which color to keep, but in the end I kept hot pink!
I am really on a pink streak hahaha I kept another studded tank dress in hot pink too -.- 
 OTD! Posing with the moustache iphone cases (for giveaway) because I had nothing else to hold -.-

Moustache iphone cases coming your way veryyy soonn!! :) 

I look sooo demure here oh dear! In actual fact I am not a very demure person to begin with :p

And because we didn't manage to post any sneaks on FB, I shall post some of my favorites!! We have plenty of designs coming up as usual, so get ready to be spoilt for choice ah!

The hot pink studded dress that I kept! :) Comes in sunshine yellow, black, dodger blue and hot pink!! (How can you not be spoilt for choice :p)

The everyday-also-can-wear or knit-top-for-knit-lovers or i-love-knit-top lovers must get this!! Needless to say, another piece which Bree kept! She has like 10001 knit tops in her cupboard -.-
Comes in kelly green, hot pink..and many more colors which I cannot remember :\ 

In another similar design, but with shredded details, (BUT YUMMY COLORS) - LILAC AND PASTEL ORANGEEEE <3 <3

Go for a victorian look with this lace trimming chiffon top! Pair with lace peplum skirt :) Also launching on Monday!! 

Marshmellow chiffon tank! Too many colors, so I'll just sneak one okay ;) 

Dodger blue blazer! Whee! There's a twist to the blazer! Check out our facebook page tomorrow to see the full outfit hehe :p

Tribal mesh dress! When I saw it, I knew we had to bring it in :)

And...Ombre Chiffon Maxi Skirts!!!! Seriously, this skirt is really damn chio hahaha. Comes in light blue, light peach and light green! :) 

Studded clutch, for bag lovers!!! 
It's pretty flat, so you can probably only carry it around with just your wallet, handphone and some daily necessities.

Okay that's all for the mini sneaks, more to be up on facebook tomorrow! :)
To end off the post, a picture of the pretty moustache iphone cases!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody! :)
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