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So...we embarked on one of our most expensive shoots ever!!!! Silkygirl had contacted us a while back for a collaboration with them, and they very kindly sponsored makeup sets for us to giveaway! :) Their theme was blockbuster, and while we wanted to do an outdoor shoot for that (my first idea was to do like a hollywood star kind of shoot with many photographers around), but it's hard to replicate that look in Singapore, so we decided to do a themed shoot!

Originally, we wanted to incorporate 3 movies into one shoot!! But it was wayy to expensive to print the props :\ The props you see in our shoot were hand drawn by our very talented designer, and we then sent it for printing!! It was quite a mad rush because I called the printing company on the day I was supposed to collect the props (on a Saturday) and they told me that it wasn't ready till like 2 weeks later!! And I was going bonkers because our shoot was on Monday!!! But thank goodness they managed to rush it out in time anyway :D

So you can see that our shoot theme is DEVIL WEARS PRADAAAA ~~~ 
The props look very little and small right, but in actual fact it's really big!!
We kept the props cos we decided to put it up in our new office!!
We are shifting offices, so watch out for our new space (which will be bigger and better hopefully hehe) 
Like and Share our photo album and photos to stand a chance to win one of the super pretty makeup set featured below!! :) I haven't tried it yet, but it's really easy to apply with the four shades!
There's a guide to go about applying the colors too! 
I have actually been trying out eyeshadows on my eye (after work lol) to see which kind of contouring fits my eye type best! My eye type is hooded eyes and small eyes so it's quite hard to contour nicely ): If anyone has any good video recommendations let me know!! I watch fromheadtotoe from time to time :)

Tadah! The devil's heeel!!

Me with the heel and fake photographs hahahaha. The lighting in the office was super bad so this photo turned out horrible :\

We had quite a few hiccups for this shoot, was supposed to go to the supplier earlier to get a pair of heels for the shoot, but we waited for a cab for 15mins and then there was a jam on the highway AND another jam nearing the studio. Grrrr. But still, glad the shoot turned out nicely! :D

Here's Cons and Sipei in TCL Miranda Glittery Dress!! Sold like hot cakes at our MIYOC event as well! :)

Next set! TCL Blockbuster Blazer set!!!! Bree lovesss this blazer to bits leh. I haven't tried it on yet, maybe I should keep the black one! Bree kept Pink and White!!! Hahaha she kept the blazer while I kept all colors of the paperbag dress (except for daffodil cos I am tanned :( )
Spot the shoe rack! What's a devil wear prada shoot without a shoe rack right? ;)
Can you spot the runway book up there? ;) And the fake prada handbag HAHA.
Hey the bags came in really handy! I think it made the shoot look pretty nice ;) 
Cons looking rather Miranda-ish over here :p
We finally found the hat that I wanted to use for this look!! 
It's a size L tho HAHA only left size L when we found it ):  

Cons and Sipei looking cute with their knitted berets! :)  
And the very wonderful and super big (it's like 1.8m in height) clothes rack!!!!

But anyway, sneaks are all up on facebook!! ( 
Show us some love by liking and sharing the photo album okay hehe!
I'll just show some of my favorites here! Too manyy already!!
TCL Memoirs Ruffle Top in Hot Pink and Cobalt Blue!!! Year end colors, get ready to rock the party season babes! :D

I can't explain enough my love for this dress!
Kept it in the new colors of berry and black!
Berry's the latest color I think! Hehe. 
We have backordered this dress like twice and did it in new colors twice, so this is the THIRD time we are launching it, can see for yourself how popular the item is and if you still haven't kept one, last chance already! :p

 SHOP new arrivals on Wednesday, 830PM!! :)


OTD with my lovely paperbag dress in berrryyyyyyy hehehe.
The wind was blowing super hard that day!
You can see my dress flying in the wind ~~~

 Wearing TCL Sundae's Sunshine Top in Yellow and TCL Pinstripes shorts in Pink! :)

Dinner after a day's work with Bree! Am gonna miss the food places around Sin Ming very much when we shift offices ): Bleahhh ):

 There's like light at the back which makes it look like sunlight streaming through :p

if you are bored/nothing to do/have questions to ask/want to rant haha basically anything! :)

Can't wait for the launch on Wednesday!!! :D

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