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Since Bree wasn't in the office I had to take the pictures myself ): Wearing the super comfy rainbow tweed top in green! Bree kept the one in pink :) I couldn't resist keeping one for myself lol hahaha. 

 If you are wondering how I took the shots, there's a nice corner in the staircase in our office building and we always take our OTDs there! Heh. I used self-timer to take these shots by placing the camera on the stairs!! Matched the top with my trusty pair of lorraine HWS! ;') 

Bree and I headed to town to find some heels and accessories for the next shoot! We are terribly excited for the next themed shoot (guess the theme!!!) Bought a couple of new look heels and finally found the perfect hat for the shoot!!!! :D New look has $20 off $60 for shoes btw, so if you are looking to get new heels for the party season, it's the right time to go down noww!!!

OTD! Wearing upcoming high collar pastel tribal top with essential cardigan in black! 
My warehouse bag was dying so I decided to keep the boston tote bag in black! :)
And we found new wrist cuffs today!! In leather snakeskin with gold cuffs! Spot it on my hand hehe.

Boston tote bag in black!! I believe we are only left with the one in cobalt blue heh. 

Can you spot my new arm candy? ;) 

Didn't snap any pictures while shopping for the accessories, but managed to steal some pics with Bree during dinner!! We headed to her favorite creation's cafe for her favorite pastaa. I was soo reluctant to travel from somerset to bugis but she convinced me when she said you can get pasta + soup + dessert + drink for less than $20!!!! 

Us looking rather tired here with the horrendous eyebags ): But Bree looks much skinnier than me here right? I think I put on some weight on my face!! (Yay!)

Love the G12's swivel function!!! As usual, I am able to take selca shots myself hehehe. 

This seafood risotto is not really to my liking, missing the one I had at Zaza restaurant in Florence very much ): This risotto is too creamy for my liking! Bleahh. 

Crab linguine!!! Bree's absolute favorite!! Their helping is really quite a mouthful for this plate of pasta hahaha. 

BUT ANYWW on to our photoshoot!! We'll be starting to launch our series of year end dresses!! :)
And paperbag courtney dress will be making a comeback in 2 new colors + daffodil!!! :D
Along with that, we'll also be shooting memoirs ruffles top in 2 new colors! Hehe.
Here's a sneak at what the theme will be for the shoot, make a guess? ;) 

This is the mockup which our designer helped us to create!!! 
It's going to be quite a lot of work on Monday, I hope we'll manage everything smoothly ): 

Was reading shrimp's blog and she blogged about how happiness is not absolute which I thought was so true. One moment we can be really happy, the next moment we'll be in the pits.
So be thankful for what you have, what you have been through and what you have learnt, because it's not happy people who are thankful but thankful people who are happy :) 

Cheers to the remaining weekend!! 

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