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It's the weekends and we are back in office for a shoot, so shall take a little time off to do some updates! :) 

A while ago, I had my hair dyed FOR THE FIRST TIME at Monsoon! Kindly sponsored by L'Oreal Professionel, I must say it was a rather good experience even though it was my first time dying my hair! Of course I was apprehensive about dying my hair haha. In the past, I was reallyyy adamant on not dying my hair, and that day Bree was supposed to have her hair dyed instead of I, but she woke up with an infected eye so I went in her place instead -.-

Cons was also kindly invited to dye her hair! Heh. 
The Monsoon hairstylists were really surprised and happy to dye my hair because apparently mine was virgin hair (LOL) cos it has never been dyed before!! Wahahaha. 

We were invited into this VIP room!! Looks really comfy!
Oh yes, normally when you dye your hair the hairstylists will probably just dye your hair right?
But at Monsoon, their INOA dying experience is different!! After months and months of research, they have created a hairdye that contains no ammonia AND they treat your hair first before dying it. 
I think this is a really important process, because for myself I was apprehensive of dying my hair after seeing how Bree's hair is like (her hair resembles grass hehe) and I surely didn't want to end up with super dry hair :\\
The lack of ammonia in their hairdye will prevent your hair from being reallyyy dry after dying!

Some of the products used during the whole process! 

 So before they start the whole process, I was asked to fill up a hair consultation booklet! This will enable the hairstylist of have a better understanding of you, and recommend a color to suit your skintone and personality :)

I personally feel that this is a rather detailed hair-dying process!! Haha didn't know there was going to be soo much going on! But the time spent doing all these little things will be worth it in the end :) 
 Addy Lee came along to describe to us the whole process, giving us a better understanding of their INOA experience :) He was really funny!! Hahaha. Oh yes, they have this little portable hair-diagnosis tool (I forgot the name hahaha) that will be able to give you a rundown of the condition of your scalp! So let's say if your scalp is too dry or your hair is damaged, they'll be able to recommend you a better scalp treatment :) Which is why they really place emphasis on treating your scalp first, before dying your hair!! This way, it'll protect both your hair and scalp :)

Addy Lee doing a scalp analysis on one of the other blogger! :) 

And so.. the process begins!!! The whole process took about 1-2 hours! Pretty long, but like I mentioned, the wait will be worth it because there's scalp treatment first before dying your hair! :) 

Here's a picture of my hairstylist! She's got pretty red hair :D I opted for a safe choice, a nice shade of chestnut brown (I think hahaha). I didn't manage to take too many pictures, but I hope you get the drift of the whole process!! :)

Say hiii to pretty Cons! :)

Cons and her chatty hairstylish who said that she fits the Korean look ;) Hehehe.

 So here's some before and after pictures!!!! Before, my hair was in its natural color!

And after....Tadahhh!!!! :) You can't really see the colors very well yet, but the color really reflected well when I was under the sun! 

Can you see my nice hair color? :D Hehehe.

I think it's more obvious here!! 

Overall, it was a really good experience!! Will definitely head down to Monsoon again to have my hair dyed :) I think the whole package was only 198 (or 188!!) and there was a 50% off for the first time customers!! I am not sure if that promotion is still going on, but if you are interested you can give Monsoon hair salon a call :) I took the details below off their website!

Novena Square outlet

238 Thomson Road
#03-29/30/31 Novena Square
Singapore 307683
Tel: +65 6333 5586
Operating hours:
Weekdays 11am - 9pm
Saturday 11am - 8pm
Sunday 11am - 7pm

Bukit Timah outlet

1 Jln Anak Bukit
#B1-60 Bukit Timah Plaza
Singapore 588996
Tel: +65 6463 1842
Operating hours:
Weekdays 10am - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 7pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm


OTD! Wearing Anchor throwover, backorder just closed heh. 

OTD! Wearing TCL Blockbuster Blazer (SUPERBB CUT AND QUALITY) haha in black with essential jeggings in blue and uptown girl wedge in black!!! I think XS in black is sold out, there's still white and pink left :)  
One of our customers was so cute! She called our blazer holy grail blazer LOLL.

Pretttyy wedges :)

OTD! Wearing TCL Courtney Paperbag Dress in Black with upcoming wine chained cardigan! :) 
I think you girls must be quite bored of me wearing the paperbag dress :p Oh backorders for the dress in Berry, Cobalt Blue and Rose are also opened!!! :D

Playing around the camera with Bree during dinzzz.

Triangle necklace coming up on TCL too! :) 

And I think..we really look alike in this picture below :O

Okay back to work!!!
Formspring meee at if you are bored and have nothing to do :p

We are going to be really busy with three shoots this weeek! But we are shooting our year end pieces which is MEGA PRETTYY (I can't wait to launch the printed bodycon dress and full sequin dress!!!) so it'll be worth the wait <3


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