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It's Thursday!! It has been a rather busy two weeks so far, with back to back outdoor shoots and studio shoots, but trust me you'll be loving the upcoming year end designs that we have for you!! It's really megaaaaa chiooo!!!! Can't wait to upload the pictures on facebook for preview! Hehe :D

Anyway, here's the first advertorial for bertillawong's blog (LOL) hahaha. Featuring a highly raved shoe shop, Love Schues!! I am pretty sure you have heard of the brand before, because their shoes are pretty and comfortable! :) 

Meiting kindly sent me a pair of suede loafers in Mustard!!! :D The tassle fringe details are so cute hehe. I actually don't have many mustard shoes because I am tanned and I don't wear mustard colors very well, but this loafers doesn't emphasize on my tan! (y)(y) 

The stitching is also good and intact for this pair of loafers, and I must say that it's reallyy comfortable! Quality assured (Y)!

Prettyy colors below!!! Choose from Royal, Dusty Pink or Mustard!!
 I paired the tassel drop suede loafers with TCL Love for Embroidery Top and our trusty floral shorts in black! Sorry for the bad lighting!! ): Tried my best to make the photos look nice >< I have worn the loafers the whole day and no blisters so far! It's quite soft as well, but sturdy of course!

Styled it with upcoming camel leather studded bag as well! :) 


Closeup!! Spot the pretty tassle fringe details! <3

I took like a few times to get this shot right! Thanks to pixie Xinmei!! Hee.
 Shop Love Schues's Tassle Suede Loafers in their December II collective!! :) I took a peek at their sneaks and Meiting really puts effort into doing up the sneaks! :) There's even a style guide to show you how to style the loafers effortlessly! It'll be nice to have a cup of Starbucks with these cute loafers yea? ;)

Check out Love Schues's facebook for sneaks and their website for the latest arrivals! I saw a full sequin flats, so you might want to go check it out ~~~ hehe.

Instagram: Meiting07


Met the girls for zhu char dinner the other day! It's an apparently very famous place haha (but I am sorry I forgot the name of the coffeeshop) It's near Commonwealth MRT! :) 

With Jiaaa the super high achiever hahaha ;) 

With Ngles who deserves best dressed award cos she always looks so good ALL THE TIME (even at a coffeshop) LOL hahahaha

With Sherziepooo ahhaha :p

We were famished when the food finally arrived! Oh they do not allow you to seat until the whole group has arrived, so be sure to be on time if you are intending to dine at this place! 

Spinach with salted egg and pi dan. Not too nice, I find it abit too watery :\

This is my favorite dish! It's tofu with like Japanese mushrooms!! Yummy sauce!

This is like average, their butter pork ribs! I didn't think it was really nice actually :| Quite over rated in my opinion! 


Ngles and I shared this drunken cockles! It's raw cockles in like wine with garlic and chilli!! Haha she had like 12 of them and I had like 10 :p 

Blurred mandatory group shot! 

This is a tad long post haha but OTDS!! Loving this Sequins Diva Top ( !! :D 
I paired it with a bandage skirt because I think it looks better when I tuck it it!


Okay! Shall I leave you with some sneaks for the upcoming launch? ;) HERE YOU GOOO!! Enjoy the 2 pictures!! Hehe look out for our sneaks coming up over the weekend!!!

 Formspring me if you are excited about the upcoming launch because we really aree!!

Have a smashing weekend! :)

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