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Hello! It's nearing Xmas!!! My favorite festival of the year haha (and I believe many other people deem this their fave festival too!!)

Had our annual (almost) Xmas dinner with the girls at shrimp's house! We love her house haha it's really a great place for hanging out ;) Anyway silly me thought that it was on Saturday even though I remembered the date to be on the 21st until shrimps mentioned a word "today" and I realized that it was on FRIDAY!!! Oh gosh I went to the office in a super dressed down state (think really zombie looking haha) because I was ready to battle the packing of the parcels with our pixie Hui Ee -.-

But anyway we managed to pack all the parcels by 6pm and I rushed to Cold Storage to purchase ham! And then back home to change and look slightly more presentable!! I actually managed to put on my makeup in a record time of approximately 7 mins #win hahahaha! Slipped on the all-occasions-also-can-wear paperbag courtney dress!!! :D 

Fooddd!!! Roasted chicken, baked potatoes, potato salad, salad, fried wanton + my 500g worth of ham (which is not in the picture as I was late)! 
Wei Hong helping us to cut up the roast chicken :D The chicken tasted really nice!! I think it was marinated with Honey!

And then we proceeded on to gift exchange!! The girls were so stressed out buying the gift exchange items and each of us was proclaiming how their gift was the best (except for shrimps, but actually her gift wasn't that bad :p )!! I got my gift exchange item from Sephora! If you are running out of ideas, you can head to Sephora! They have plenty of cutesy and girly makeup that will make such an appropriate gift :)  

In the end I got Shrimp's gift!!! It was a notebook, along with a super cute gingerbreadman phone plug! :) 

 Onto to couple shots! :D Hehehehe.

I love spending Xmas with the people I care and love, and it's always such a heartwarming feeling when we all meet up and talk about random stuff, reminiscing the old days! Cheers to many more years of friendship ahead ;) 

All photos above credited to Ngles! :D

OTD! Last Saturday's outfit! Wearing a Topshop Dress with TCL Knotted Suede Flats in Black!
Yes this pair of shoes is really megaaa comfy after breaking it!
I am really prone to blisters so if I don't get blisters after wearing it = you probably won't too!
Bree wore it too, no blisters for her! The knotted details are so pretty! And the gold capped part is soft so it doesn't hurt :)

Good hair day! My curls are almost gone! Wondering if I should perm it again :\\

Tadahhhhh!!!! Presenting to you our second manufactured flats! :) 
Comes in cobalt blue, wine and black! Awesome colors to match with almost any outfit :DD

Super close up of the knotted details! :) So pretty right? Hehe. I am gonna keep the one in wine too!! Since I already have a cobalt blue flats. But the cobalt blue pair is nice tooo!! :(   

Managed to snap a couple of photos with Bree! Die la I think because we see each other almost every day now, we are beginning to look even more alike! Just a shoutout that the one on the right is yours truly, and the one on the left is Bree! I think some customers still mistake me for Bree or Bree for me, but anyway I am Bertilla Wong and she's Brianna Wong! (Just in case you are a first time reader hehe).

 Wearing TCL Raindrops Studded Tank with TCL Blockbuster Blazer and leather pants in navy and the knotted sueded flats again! :) Launching next week!!!

And because Bree said she'll be blogging about the BTS for the shoot (while I can't blog ): ) so I'll just post some of my favorite shots!! Hehehe. Have you checked out our lookbook on facebook yet? It's sooo pretty!!! -->

TCL Raindrops Studded Top! I think this is the must-get of the collection because the studs are really damn cutee! And I heard Mango is selling it, so get it at a fraction of the price on TCL! :D (PLUS we did it in really yummy colors loll hahaha). See how pretty Rebs is here! :)

Cons strutting her stuff in the photo below! She has this amazing ability to look effortlessly pretty and nice in almost every outfit!! For this shot, she was actually you know, just walking towards the photog HAHA.

 TCL Uptown Blazer!! Bree's Favorite! She kept it in almost all the colors!! 
I recommend white for an easier combination :)

And I just love the perspective of this shot! I can't explain it but I just really like this shot too!! Hahah :D 

 And of course, our TCL Knotted Suede Flats! In super wearable colors :)

We are giving away 12 X $12 worth of TCL Vouchers and 3 apparels!
So head on down to facebook to like our share our Uptown Adventure album!! :)
Launching on Wed, 26/12, 830PM!!

Can't wait for Xmas eve tomorrow!
Gonna wear our TCL City Sequins Dress :DD


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