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Last week I was so excited because one of my seniors from hall messaged me to ask if I could do a review on Lancome's latest foundation and their Advanced Genifique youth activating concentrate!!
Of course I wouldn't pass on this chance!! :D 

Been looking for a suitable foundation since I tried Chanel's foundation (before switching back to Sephora's foundation) as Chanel's foundation was a little oily for me and it didn't seem to blend very well into my dry skin. ):

 This Mat Miracle Foundation is Lancome's latest range of foundation!!
It's long wearing for 24hours and doesn't transfer onto clothes! (Yay!)
You know how irritating it is especially when you are wearing white apparels to find that your foundation has been transferred onto your new apparel! ):
It also provides all day sebum and shine control (great for oily skin), and resistance to heat and humidity! Which will be pretty awesome to use in Singapore's terribly humid weather. 


As I have yellow skin, I was given O-03 to try!
Sorry but I didn't think about blending it on my skin because my skin is around one tone darker than my face! Haha I'll try to do it next time. ;)

Here's a photo of me, with half of my face wearing the Mat Miracle foundation, and the other half which is bare-faced! 

This photo is not photoshop-ed to smoothen the lines/wrinkles/face etc ya!
You can see that the side of my face with the foundation appears to be smoother, brighter and the redness of my face is lessen! I only applied a thin layer of it too!
Pretty natural looking I must say. :)

And photos of before and after without flash, in natural daylight! Please pardon the messy background I can't find a solid background with good lighting in my house lol hahaha. 

No makeup, barefaced!! :oo

After applying foundation, concealer, eyeliner and blusher!
I think my skin looks more radiant and smoother here. :)

My Verdict for Mat Miracle 24H

After wearing it for the whole day, it still stayed on pretty well!
Most of the time, my foundation disappears throughout the day haha.
There was no touch-up needed too!

And I really like how natural it looked on my skin!
I don't really like to apply loads of foundation on my skin, so I'll say that it provides medium coverage for me! If you want to have a fuller coverage, you can apply more! :)
I only apply a thin layer heh. 

Highly recommended if you are looking for a fuss-free foundation, and it comes with SPF15 to block off those harmful rays! :) 

Lancome Mat Miracle 24H trial samples are available at all Lancome Counters islandwide!
So head down today to the nearest counter to pick up a sample and try it for yourself! :) 
It comes in 10 shades, so I am sure you can find a suitable shade hehe. 


OOTD for Saturday!
Dressed in TCL Baroque Printed Laced-Up Waisted Dress!
It's available on all our retails racks so get it there if you wish to get this pretty dress hehe. 


 Close up of the prints and details!
It's made of material that's pretty close to denim, super good quality okay!!

Laced-up details hehehe. 

Ending off with an exasperated picture! Taken when I am waiting for Bree and giving her the "Can already anot" face hahaha. 

And I celebrated my birthday with Sher and Jiaen at Timbre Substation that day!
FINALLY managed to catch goodfellas!!
Was super happy to hear them play because they are damnnnn goooodddd hahaha. 

Thanks Sher for the home-made cupcakes! ^^

With Jiaen!

With sherziepoo.
My face looks bigger here right cos everytime when we take photos they'll ask me to go infront cos I am too skinny. :'( Hhaahahaha. 

Whee sprinkled cupcakes ~~

Missing shrimps here but I am seeing her next week!! YAYYY.

And the awesome goodfellas!!!
They play at timbre@substation every Tues, Thurs, Saturday soo if you haven't heard them play before, GO DOWN NOWWW hahaha. (And no they don't pay me to advertise for them lol)

Their lead singers grooving to the music ~~~

Thanks for a great night out girls!! <3

Another mad rush week coming up before I leave for Europe!!
Cheers to a new week ahead! :) 

Oh and since formspring is closing down, I'll be shifting over to!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!! :D

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