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Posting wayyy overdue photos for this post! It has been an eventful two weeks with dimsum at Tim Ho Wan, my teacher's wedding and dinner at Nosh and NYGH homecoming!! :) 

Was feeling a little dejected because I rejected going to Laneige's blogger contest event (haha if you remember I took part in the contest) because it coincided with my teacher's wedding! But I was really glad to be there at her wedding! :') 
Here's my cute gugu who always covers her face with the cheese sign HAHA.

And off to Tim Ho Wan with the girls!
We queued for like 1 hour for dinner time!
The queue moved pretty fast and there are seats for you to wait outside so it's not too bad!
But I don't think I'll really ever queue again for the dimsum because personally, I feel that I can just head to 126 dimsum or swee choon! 

Sher and I have identical TCL bags!!! Hehehe.

Camwhoring while waiting for our turn ~~

Sherz zi paiz hahaha.

With Ngles!! Realized that we were both dressed in blue that day heh.

And this is the menu!
Apparently the Big 4 Heavenly Kings are a must try, so we tried ALLL of them. -.-
But the pig's liver dish is....well I suggest that you don't order that! Hahaha.

First dish! Glutinous rice with pork filling!
This was really yummy though! :)

Carrot cake!!! Soft and fluffy ~~
I think this was one of the better dishes hahaha.

The pig's liver dish!! 
Which you shouldn't order if you don't like pig's liver because the taste is realllyyy stronggg.
ANYWAY just don't order it hehe. :p

Prawn dumplings! :)

This is some fluffy sponge cake! Jiaen really liked this haha but maybe because she really likes bread hehe.

Okay I forgot the name of this dish!
Hahahaaaa. But I think the outer layer is beancurd skin? I THINKKK.

And their infamous char siew bunnnn!
The outer layer is really crispy! But sorry I still prefer the normal kind with the soft fluffy bun! ):
But it was still good!! Just not really "wowwww" like I expected it to be haha. 

My faveee pork ribs!! <3 <3 

We ordered jelly for dessert!
But I am sorry it had a bit of cough syrup taste. ):

Overall we paid like 20 per pax for the meal!
I would personally head to swee choon anytime over Tim Ho Wan hahaha.
Maybe I'll try the original one in HK! :) 

And this bunny was tooo cute to be missed so have to take OTD here hahaha. 
Wearing TCL Lattice Baroque Dress! Great dress for dressing up / down hehe. 

Miss Yeo's Wedding day!!!
I am really sooo happy for her because she's one of the best teachers I have ever met! :')
She still remembers all our quirks (like me breaking down in class over my failed maths test HAHA) and likes etc it's amazingggg.

So honored to be there to witness such a joyous event! :)

Met some NYGH girls like zhuang and tiff! :)


Hehe this little was soo cute! Tried to sneak a picture but I didn't manage to sneak a good one! ):

Miss Yeo is too far away for me to snap a picture of her. :(

Got the back view instead HAHA.

It's really touching for couples to exchange their wedding vows. :')

And Miss Yeo gave her wedding speech the Miss Yeo way hahaha it was like a maths lecture to us! ;)

Happy wedding day Miss Yeo!!! (Now Mrs Ong hehe).

Pretty Miss Yeo! :)

In TCL Memoirs Ruffled Top in Pastel Blue and TCL Abstract Printed Skirt!
Both upcoming on TCL next week!
Can't wait to launch the lookbook because the photos are sooo pretttyyyyy!! :DD

Close-up of the prints! :)

Headed for NYGH Homecoming after that!
I reallly miss the crazy nanyang days. :(
And I LOVE NYGH even though people laugh at our uniform (hmpf) but we take pride in our traditions and history and our uniform is awesome just the way it is!!
Oh yeahhhh ~~

Homecoming this year was so personalized! :)

This NY girl is soo cute hahha.

Balloons!!! In NY colors of yellow and blue. ;)

They wrapped brown paper on the table so that we could draw on it!
And I drew a NY girl of course hehe.

With pretty kong! I am glad all of them are so successful in their own ways now! :)

Biqi and Jiins! :)

With feisty pong!! ;)

With our super hip and cool council teacher, Mrs Wong! :D 
She's really damn hip and cool as a mother too mann!

The highlight of the night was the photo booth!!
I'll make sure to have a photo booth at the next TCL event too!
It's sooo fun! :) 

And just for laughs HAHAHA. My facial expression is priceless HAHA.

It was a good night meeting old friends and teachers!
Will be back at NYGH again for sure! :) 


Miss Yeo's wedding dinner at Nosh! 

Awwwww. ;)

Pretty floral bouquet. <3


Roses on the tableeee.

With sherrrrrzzzz who's dressed in a pretty floral dress! :)

Selca! Hehe.

Hung up notes we wrote for Miss Yeo. :)

No pics with Miss Yeo as the lighting was too bad at night. ):
But it was another good night chatting with Miss Yeo and catching up on old times! :)

Will remember Miss Yeo for all that she has taught us, be it in Maths or about life! 

Here's to a joyous weekend ahead! :D 

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