4:20 AM

Outfit post today! 
Heh my Topshop inspired dungaree denim dress finally arrived!! :D
And we'll be launching it next!! 
The image below was my original piece hehe!

And I kept another piece in dark wash!
Just realized that eh maybe I should have kept the light wash one instead zzzz. -.-
This item has already been stocked in at MIYOC Jcube, and will be stocked in at KJ Bugis this week! :)

 Close-up of the button! I love how dungarees are so easy to pair with plain tops! And how they remind me of being young and playful again hehee.

Okay I am obviously going the cutesy-pose way HAHAHA. Please pardon me!! :p 

Matched it with suede cutout sandals, launching next as well! :) 

And just for laughs, Bree said I looked like a fisherwoman. -.- REALLY MEHHH. :( 

Off to prepare for outdoor shoot tomorrow!
I went to recce the place just now, and it was sooo hot omg.
Praying for good weather tomorrow!

Recently I have been hooked on a song from the great gatsby's soundtrack, so thought I should share it with all of you! It's really beautiful and melancholic in my opinion, and the track just starts to keep playing in your head after hearing a few times haha. 

Enjoy your Sunday babes! :) 

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