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It's Sundayyy and I am really excited for our next launch, so shall blog BTSSS since we embarked on such a daunting shoot (hahhaa). 

Okay it was daunting because the sun was sooooo hot and I had to wake up at 430AM :oo 
We wanted to pump balloons for the shoot, so Bree and I had to wake up earlier to prepare the balloons!
I managed to rent a helium tank (and one of the cheapest around oh yeahhh~~)! :D 

Forming a work line with I pumping the balloon, and Mel tying them up! 
We didn't have enough string, bought 30M worth but still not enough zzzz. 
Had to scrimp and save! Which resulted in a few balloons popping hahaha. 

 Posing with the pretty balloons!
We chose red and light pink for contrast! :)

I have no idea what I was trying to achieve in the following photos below haha.
I think I wanted to try a jumpshot?
Which obviously failed -.-
I always look so unglam during outdoor shoots hahahaaa.

Close-up of my pretty TCL Sugar Floral Shorts in Blue! :) 

Yay balloons!!!! :) 
I think I pumped a little too much cos halfway through the shoot the balloons started to pop one after another! :O

Hahaha Cons can really give funny faces very well :p 

Francesca joined us for this shoot!! :) 

 And shoot for the first outfit commences! Featuring snakeskin printed pants and basic cut-in top!! :D 
And our second manufactured bag to be launched!! 
The sun was still pretty alright for this shoot, but as the morning progresses, omg it was really damnnnn damnnnn hottttt. 
But you won't be able to tell from the photos at all!!! Hahaha that's why they are models because they still look soo good under the frigging hot sun! ;)

Cons's OTD! Hehehe.
She looks so cute!
If you notice, she's wearing different shoes on each side HAHAHA.

Second outfit featuring rainboots, chiffon long sleeve top and epic HWS and dungaree dress! 

Third set featuring chiffon romper with gold rectangle buttons! <3 

Another set featuring memoirs ruffle top and abstract printed skirt! :)
All items in this shoot are self-manufactured under TCL labellll! :D

 Franc wore the memoirs ruffle top with tropical floral shorts!!
The prints are mad chioooo and soo vibrant and happy!

After staying under the hot sun near the railway tracks, we returned to shade!!! Hahaha.

Cons looking cute in memoirs ruffle top in pastel blue! :)

Second last set!!! Oh yeahh we all couldn't wait for the shoot to be over because the sun was really megaaa hot zzzz. Well, still thankful for good weather instead of rainy weather heh. 

Cons and Franc strutting their stuff and looking pretty and sweat-free here (when in actual fact they are both feeling damn hot hahaha). ;) 

A mini picture of the rainboots and manufactured bag launching this week! :D 

Shall sneak some lookbook shots here! Hehehe. 

Be sure to catch our launch this Tuesdayyyyyy!! :D 


Okay gonna spam OTD shots from here on hahaha. 

In TCL Chiffon Long Sleeved Top in Lime and TCL Quilted Bag in Silver! :)

Second OTD featuring TCL Solitaire Satchel in Whiteeee! <3 
And my new Jeffrey Campbell Heels in Silver!!!
Surprisingly it's quite comfortable to walk in it heh. 
And Bree attempted some bottom up shots for me!!
Which made my legs look longggg hahaha. :p

 Close-up of my pretty heels! :)

 Close-up of this megaaa chio bag!!! Comes in white, yellow, wine and black! :)
Played around with the camera for some selca shots. ;)

Last OTD featuring TCL Basic Cut-In Top in Black!!
Comes in pastel yellow, off-white, black and purple! 

I attempted to pretend that I am driving a mini cooper HAHAHA. 

Act seh pose #failllll. :'(

I love brens overlays!! The overlays are so fun to use! ^^

Love this basic top!
So easy to match with printed shorts and skirts/pants hehhhh. 

Zipaaaaiiii againnnnn. :p

Okay! Off to plan for the outdoor shoot tomorrow and we are shooting at a pretty exciting placee!
So glad the owners allowed us to shoot there hehe. :)

Formspring me if there's any enquiries!!
Byeeee and have a lovely weekend everybodyyy!! :D

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  1. hi can I check with you where you rent the helium tank from? would like to rent one for the balloons for my pre-wedding shoot


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