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So it's our third monthsary and Glen's birthday is almost here so I thought it'll be nice to do up a skype post!
*Be warned - pda post ahead!* 

Happy third monthsary dah!! 
And nah we don't celebrate every month, just wish and thank each other for being there for one another. :)

But anyway, since some of you have asked how Glen and I met, I'll talk a little bit about it here too!
Well I really believe that Glen and I met by fate. :)
We met at Dream, he was walking past me with a huge smile and I found him sooo familiar so I just somehow smiled at him HAHA. But we didn't talk at all after that lolll.
I tend to be able to remember faces well but not names -.- So well, I do remember seeing Glen around Hwach last time! He was from softball and I have a good friend Kakin who was his softball senior so I probably recognized Glen because he would be around my class bench!

We'll have to thank facebook because he found me on facebook! ;) 
He didn't actually remember my name but Elaine knew my name so that was how he found me!
And we started from there. ;) 

He asked me out for lunch and well because I had a Salon Vim appointment on that day, I agreed to have lunch with him since I'll be in town anyway! 
If I didn't have an appointment in town, I wouldn't have met him for lunch because I'll need to go to the office that day!

From then on, we just started talking more and more and when Glen went back to Sydney for his studies I went over to find him and tadah! Here we are today! :) 

There's not much time difference between Sydney and Singapore, just 2 - 3 hours and we skype whenever we can! We don't talk all the time on skype of course, though at the start we used to talk non-stoppppp.

But it's good enough to see each other's faces and knowing that your other half is there with you. :)

Okay here are some of the skype images which I managed to screenshot!
Skype for Mac doesn't have a screenshot button so Glen always knows when I am going to screenshot because there'll be a few seconds when I'll be looking at my keyboard and there'll be a sound after I have screenshot him hehehe.

He's sooo going to kill me LOLLLL. 


One of the first few times when we skyped!
Skype was so annoying because it will crash every hour on my mac and I had to restart skype every time it crashed. -.- 

Do you see superpop in the search bar?
Glen likes popcorn so I ordered a box of popcorn for him...BUT it turns out that even though he likes salty popcorn he doesn't like salt and vinegar ones. :( 
Too bad, he still had to eat it because I bought it for him?!! 

Skype is annoying when the wifi connection is weak and it just keeps going "connecting...." zzzz. 

I think this was taken when he was out for some drinks at his friend's place hehh.

Helping Bree to plan her Europe trip while Glen was hugging his neck in the background which...I don't know why he was doing that! Haaa. 

And...Glen actually has a terrible gif of me doing this up and down motion of my face, which I attempted to coerce him into doing but failed. :'(  Only had one shot of him like this hahaha.

Act cute face. ;)

 This is the "I am too tired from studying" face. ._.

"I don't want to study...." face haha. :'(

 Happy face! :) Love it when he smiles hehe.

This is the "What do you think you are doing" face. HAHA. 

 "My boyfriend likes to wear shades" face LOLL.

 The "sa jiao" face!

And the "Shit she screenshot me" face! ;) 

Heeeheeee face! :)

SMURFSSSSS hehe. These tiny smurf toys are from kinder surprise! :) 

One of the rare moments where I have successfully screenshot his faces OH YEAHH. 

 And HAHAHA I compiled a series of screenshots I took into this wonderful gif!!! 
Love you dah! You know I'll do this!! :3

 And there was one day I noticed that Glen was clicking furiously on his mouse so I asked him what was he clicking and he introduced me to this cookie clicker game! It keeps you entertained for like one day!

 Sometimes we skype when the other half is asleep too...Bree says we skype all the time but hey we only get to meet each other on skype! :'(

Thanks dah for all the happiness you have brought to me the past few months!
You have brought a big smile to my face and I hope I have brought a smile to yours too! :) 
Can't wait to show you your birthday present!! (and awesome card which I have not started on BUT I already have the idea in my head!)
I'll see you soon and I love youuuu!<3 <3

#endofpdapost. hehe.

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  1. awwww so mushy and sweet!

    I started following yours and Bert's blog after making a few purchases from TCL. you girls remind me of me and my sister! can tell you're the naughty / annoying one (just like my sis) while Bert's more serious like me hahahaha

    anyways, on a side note, I'm planning my 1st trip to Italy for my honeymoon and I know nothing about the place. Is it possible to share your itinerary that you've drawn for Bert, with me? Pls feel free to say no if's inconvenient. i'm just trying my luck here :)

    Cheers and stay happy! look forward to seeing more happy & mushy posts!

  2. Omg i'm so sorry i made an honest mistake. you're Bert and your sis is Bree.. apologies! :)

    1. Hi dear, aw thanks for following us!! :) I am sorry but I am not very comfortable to share the full itinerary to the public but Bree will be blogging about her Europe trip, perhaps you can check out her blog for any recommendations for good places to go/ eat? :)


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